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Topic: Jabb/gpo

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    Smile Jabb/gpo

    I have recently bought both JABB and GPO.
    Previously with midi I have done four "Big Band" albums.
    With midi and Korg keyboards and modules when I wanted a "section sound I would bring up (example) a trombone,sax, trp.,string patch and play four or five notes at the the same time and I would get the "section" sound at the same time on the same track.

    In JABB and GPO can I do the same thing? Or do I have to play in all four or five harmony parts one at a time on four or five different tracks and then merge the four or five by bouncing or other means. (DP 5 on a G5)
    I guess what I am asking is can I use JABB/GPO as multi-timberal (sp?)

    For instance:
    In either JABB/GPO can I pull up a trombone or sax sound then play on my controller F (bass cleft space below bottom line) C (2nd space bass cleft) A
    (top line bass cleft) and C (middle C between treble and bass cleft) all at the same time then will I get a "section" or will these programs only let me have one note (sound) at a time??? I hope I have made my self clear>

    Many thanks
    Joe Nerren

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    Smile Re: Jabb/gpo

    Tom --
    Many thanks for your excellent reply.
    I hope I am working the templates on this list correctly as I sure would hate to get "on the wrong side" of the great minds of this list! The only thing I have done so far is with the motu-mac list (another great bunch of minds!)

    1. I am sequencing my work using MOTU DP 5 on a G5 and will probaly write out the parts like I did when I did Big Band work while with the "Airmen Of Note" (USAF Dance Band)

    2. What is "lite" instruments? I bought my JABB/GPO programs on the Christmas promotion campaign and thrilled to death with them as I have only done midi with keyboards/modules up to this point. This is my first step into samples. So far have only used Piano, Gtr, Bass and Drms on a new attempt at a piano album on a "new to me" G5 2.5 Dual 8 GB ram. FUN!

    Since I am now 76 years old (only played and studied music 72 years and not counting) I certainly will stay with the Garritan "club" and will "weld my unit shut" (OS X10.4.8 with DP 5.11) in order to learn what I have and try to write some music instead of spending the short rest of my life updating everything.
    On the advice of Barry Wood (who has done my mastering) I did add BFD.

    I Quote --"but to get realistc results you really need to do it like a REAL
    band"-- I can hear the difference-- You and probaly all the other list members can hear the difference but can most of the public hear the difference after all the effects, reverb, mastering etc from modules etc.??
    I guess it's a matter of personal pride that we all should have to try and keep up the standards of doing something we are proud of!

    Anyway thanks to Mr. Garritan, his entire staff, members and all those connected to the Garritan orginization for letting me join the club. I promise to try and be a good member!!!

    My Best
    Joe Nerren (Senior Citizen Rookie)

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    Smile Re: Jabb/gpo

    Many thanks!!
    I will get update lite version and in future check out Finale but right now I am pretty fast with felt pen and paper.

    Again Many thanks
    Joe Nerren

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