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Topic: Finale 2008 and GPO KP2 (

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    Finale 2008 and GPO KP2 (

    Newbie poster here:

    OK - I know both in the MM Forums and the Northernsounds forums this has been gone over and over. Sorry, here is MY problem.

    I completely un-installed everything relating to GPO (all versions!) and Finale 2007c. I could never get the full version of GPO to work with Finale 2007c anyway.

    OK, moving ahead... I just purchased and installed Finale 2008. I then re-installed GPO - did all of the available updates, etc.

    Finale 2008 will only play the Garritan Instruments for Finale. However, when the Kotakt Player ( is opened through Finale - both versions show up. (Finale's streamlined version and my full version).

    I am selecting the sound sources from the #9 NOTATION files. I just can't get Finale to play the sounds from the NOTATION file of the Full Version.

    Then I get this error message in Finale - "missing requested plugin: Finale GPO for Bank #1"

    I have copied the GPO version of Kontakyplayer2.dll into the FinaleVST folder just to make sure. Have followed other suggestions including the "gpofullinstrument2.txt" file.

    The files show up - they just don't play! Any other leads or clues. I know some of you have the two programs up and running together - so again, I must be missing something.

    -- John, Plainfield, NJ

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    Re: Finale 2008 and GPO KP2 (

    Ok - I don't know what I did - but I have got the Full Version of GPO to work with FInale 2008!

    I put everything back from where I started from. Now it works. Go figure. I wish I know what the secret ingredient was...

    I have spent so many hours on this.

    John, Plainfield, NJ

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