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Topic: "Finale GPO 2.0" vs. Finale 2008

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    "Finale GPO 2.0" vs. Finale 2008

    I am planning to transition to Finale 2008 and remove Finale 2007 entirely from my system because I don't want to devote the disk space to it. I installed Finale 2008 and all the Garritan stuff on my machine nicely appeared in Kontakt Player 2 without my having to do anything.

    However, there is still a folder on my machine named c:\Program Files\Finale GPO 2.0 that takes up 868 megabytes. There is also a new folder named c:\Program Files\Garritan Instruments for FInale that takes up 1.49 GB.

    So my question is: Is the Finale GPO 2.0 folder a Finale 2007 artifact only? If so, can I get rid of it without hurting anything?

    A similar question applies to Garritan Studio, which I understand doesn't work with Kontakt Player 2 anyway.

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    Re: "Finale GPO 2.0" vs. Finale 2008

    I am always nervous about doing just what you described every time I upgrade my Finale. BUT I just uninstalled 2007c and deleted the "Finale GP0 2.0" folder with no problems in Finale 2008 or Kontakt Player 2. I believe the "Garritan Instruments for Finale" is for Finale 2008 - better not to delete it!
    Good luck and I am sort of a newbie so I am NO expert (as I've been very recently reminded!)

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    Re: "Finale GPO 2.0" vs. Finale 2008

    Finale GPO 2.0 is the sample set for the Finale edition GPO instruments under KP2. At least, this is the way I understand the installation on MY computer.

    I'm wondering the opposite... can I remove the Finale edition sounds from previous Finale installations, since I don't (and never have) use those.

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    Re: "Finale GPO 2.0" vs. Finale 2008

    This is my experience: The Finale GPO 2.0 folder is for Finale 2007. This has been renamed (actually a new folder added) called "Garritan Instruments for Finale" for Finale 2008. After my installation of Finale 2008, and living with it for awhile, I uninstalled 2007c and deleted the "Finale for GPO 2.0" folder with no ill effect. The new folder ("Garritan Instruments for Finale" ) that Finale 2008 installs includes all of the samples and instruments for Finale as well as added ones (choir, band, world etc.) for Finale 2008. My unistallation of 2007c and my deletion of the Finale GPO 2.0 folder has not affected my Finale instruments in Kontakt 2, my Kontakt 2 standalone instruments or my use of Kontakt 2 in my sequencer (Sonar). Best of luck.

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    Re: "Finale GPO 2.0" vs. Finale 2008

    Nickie Fønshauge helped me with an issue I had with my uninstallation (deletion) of Finale GPO 2. That discussion is in the "Tips, Techniques and Tutorials" Forum in "Garritan Central." It is entitled "Uninstall of OLD Finale GPO 2.0"
    Hope that helps. Cheers!

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