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Topic: 20 min Alban Berg op.6 with VSL

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    20 min Alban Berg op.6 with VSL

    Alban Berg esteemed this score to be his most complex one.
    To me it perhaps sound more like his most 'Mahlerian' one.

    I've tested with it, how VSL would cope with the extreme demands on orchestrals variety and skills of the early viennese classical modern music.
    (And of course its my very first serious VSL-programming.)


    Hope you like it and would like to hear something about your impressions.

    best Steffen

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    Re: 20 min Alban Berg op.6 with VSL

    Thanks for this! I'm a big admirer of Berg's and this really made my day. Great job!

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    Re: 20 min Alban Berg op.6 with VSL

    Very beautiful and musically adept rendering! It is a pleasure to listen to.

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    Re: 20 min Alban Berg op.6 with VSL

    Great job!

    Which Vienna library did you use?

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    Re: 20 min Alban Berg op.6 with VSL

    Thank you all for your kind reaction.
    Nice to see some more who love Alban Berg as I do.
    (He is an incredible genius imho)
    The VSL Libraries?
    Its the Symphonic Cube, appasionata and special brass, all extended.
    And its wonderful what ever musical imaginations those libraries can still cope with.


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