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Topic: GPO MP3 Demo Page - What to Do?

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    GPO MP3 Demo Page - What to Do?

    As many of you know we have a unique demo page for GPO that includes over 1,000 user demos.


    Personally I like showcasing the music of users. To hear all the terrific music made with this library gives me a sense of personal satisfaction. Also, it's honest and gives people a proper perspective of what the library can do (rather than the practice of hiring pros to make super-polished demos).

    Lately I have been receiving comments that people are getting overwhelmed and confused when visiting the demo page because there's so much there. (Could this be like Mozart's too many notes, I wonder?).

    We are working on updating the Garritan website and we are faced with a choice. Should we:
    Simplify or limit the demos on the GPO Demo Page


    Continue to showcase all the GPO Artists and continue to add more Demos


    Is there another solution? Or even a better way the demos can be presented.

    Was the fact that we showcase user demos a factor in your deciding to get GPO and to be part of this forum? Or does the Listening Room serve the purpose of showcasing your work instead of the Demo page on the Garritan website?

    JABB, Strad and the Cello have a small selection demos on the product page itself mostly because they are more niche products and have not been out as long as GPO. Therefore there are not as many demos but less to choose from.

    I thought it would be a good time to consider the direction of the Demo Page and get your input.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: GPO MP3 Demo Page - What to Do?

    Simplify or limit the demos on the GPO Demo Page


    Continue to Showcase all the GPO Artists and add more Demos


    Is there another solution? Or a different way the demos can be presented

    I think that the GPO Demo Page should remain as it is. If anything is changed I would like to see genre sections. Classical, Jazz, Film Scores etc. The listening room is needed as well, because it is a place where one can make comments and participate in a dialog with other composers. I would like the GPO Demo Page for the purpose of just listening for listening purposes only.

    The demos on the Garritan, Finale and NothernSounds was the primary reason I saved for three months to have extra funds to purchase the full GPO. Additioanally, the pieces posted here serve as in inspiration for me to compose more and offers very hight standards of composition for me to strive for.

    There was a post here that included the score. One could listen to the composition (Beethoven Fifth) if I remember correctly, and follow the score as well. I thought that was the best listening experience I have ever had on this website and makes it unique. It was very much like the Principles of Orchestration section where there are excerpts of compositions that can be listened to and view the score. That is the ultimate to me.
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    Re: GPO MP3 Demo Page - What to Do?

    I like the infinite demo page. It says a lot about GPO. Maybe you can refine the add a category called "Historical Composers" or "Classic composers" to refer to classic renderes pieces (Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Dvorak, etc). Offenly, people like to hear some knowed classic music rendered trough GPO before unknowed one. If you hear 5th symphonie rendered, and it´s ok, probably you anger to explore a little more.
    Maybe you can implement some kind of rating too, "The top 10" of the most hear demos.
    I really like music posted from common people/users. I remember i bought GPO because i found here music made from two guys i knowed in the n-Track forum. "If they get such good result, probably i would get something not so bad" i thought.
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: GPO MP3 Demo Page - What to Do?

    Hi Gary,

    Right now the 1000+ user-demo page doesn't link directly from the main site. Instead there's the older (but still really big) audio demo page, which loads and then does some sort of funky redirect to the 1000+ page.
    I also would like to see the user demo page remain. I think it's a testament to the products themselves and of your company philosophy that everyone is able to make music (and can do so very easily with Garritan tools). Their spectrum shows the learning curve, the range of talent of your customers, and the supporting user base of the products.

    That said, a few hand-picked "best of the best" and perhaps a really good out-of-the-box demo strategically placed on their respective product pages will definately not hurt the marketing.
    I don't think it would be a bad idea to place a historical/known mockup or two, as marce noted, on each product page either.

    A "Play Random" feature in the demo room would be a great idea too, I think, especially as the library grows. Perhaps even a randomly selected piece-of-the-day?

    Best regards,

    PS: Whose hands are conducting at the top of the Garritan site?

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    Re: GPO MP3 Demo Page - What to Do?

    Classifying by name of performer is probably nice for the performer but not too meaningful to a newcomer.

    Also the genres are so broad and there are so many in each genre they would need to be subidivided

    I think to be useful to prospective GPO users, it would need to be searchable by instrumentation e.g.

    • piano solos
    • string quartets
    • full orchestra
    • chamber orchestra
    • brass bands
    and maybe also more subdivisions of style, e.g.

    • early music
    • classical
    • romantic
    • tone poems
    • whole-tone
    • free form
    • ambient
    but then someone would have to go through all the existing ones and categorize them!
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    Re: GPO MP3 Demo Page - What to Do?

    How about "website" and "discussion" links that are blank when there is no website or discussion?

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    Re: GPO MP3 Demo Page - What to Do?

    Quote Originally Posted by marce
    The top 10" of the most hear demos.
    But, as I know from other forums, there are many people who listen than only to this "Top Listed Demos" ...... .

    Gary, searchable by instrumentation, that would be great.

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    Re: GPO MP3 Demo Page - What to Do?

    I'd second/third/fourth the suggestions of organizing the Demo Page by genres, ensembles, or styles. A lot of people look at programs like GPO and are curious about certain instruments - making it easier to find how the strings or brass sound would be a help to them.
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    Thumbs up Re: GPO MP3 Demo Page - What to Do?

    Every chance I have to make a prospective sale for GPO, main part of the pitch is the main demo page. It showcases Garritan products period. After spending time on the main demo page, I will direct their attention to the Listening room where they can hear for themselves how the product has evolved and continues to help new composers fine tune their talent!
    I would leave as is. "If it isn’t broke don't try to fix it!" "When you have a good thing, stick with it!"
    "The way to customers’ ears is through GPO demo page!"

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    Re: GPO MP3 Demo Page - What to Do?

    The main demo page should just have the very best of each sample library you want to highlight (from 1 to 3 demos each)-- GPO orchestral, JABB jazz, marching/concert band, the various solo libraries, GOS, Choir etc. This page should be clean, well organized and not overwhelming to the new buyer, who is the real audience here.

    Then there should be a link to "More Demos" for those who want to hear more, organized by genre and searchable by style, instrument, composer etc. as others have mentioned.

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