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Topic: first string quartet

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    first string quartet

    this is a string quartet I wrote for my wedding 2 years ago. first time writing for strings:


    the playback is directly from sibelius 5 which I just got. any criticism/tips are much appreciated!

    I am working on a string quartet for my friend's wedding, which I can post if anyone is interested. I listened to a lot of string quartet music before writing this, but couldn't really find any books on writing for strings so I just winged it. I also wrote a processional which is longer but probably better from a compositional perspective. I'll try to post that in a day or two.

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    Re: first string quartet

    Hello, paulsanwald

    What a lovely folk/waltz this is. Perfect for the occassion of your wedding - I'm imagining that your bride is impressed with this new incarnation of your piece?

    Great to see a new member here with music to share--Thank you so much. And I look forward to the processional you're going to post for us later.

    Randy B.

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    Re: first string quartet

    Nice piece and I agree with Randy that it works great for its intent. Were you able to concentrate on your vows?
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    Re: first string quartet

    This is very fitting for a wedding. Were you able to get a live quartet to play it for the wedding?
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: first string quartet

    hey everyone,
    thanks for the kind words, as I mentioned I am kind of new at string writing so any tips or criticism is great! I feel like I use the cello to provide a bassline most of the time, which is maybe a waste of such a beautiful instrument.

    the processional is a lot longer, it's here:

    Quote Originally Posted by trentpmcd
    Were you able to get a live quartet to play it for the wedding?
    yeah I hired a quartet to play, it was really cool to hear the music from a live group. was a really great day.

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    Re: first string quartet

    Off to a good start with this delicately lovely waltz, Paul.

    I might suggest mixing a little more toward center; and
    giving the players a little more volume. This seems dry
    to me, too; so I think you'll find increasing the reverb
    will help bring out the natural flow of the writing.

    Keep it coming!

    My best,


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    Re: first string quartet

    Sounds cool! Except to agree with David about (more) Volume level needed!


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    Re: first string quartet

    i love the warmth and lyricism in the music...it's perfect for its occassion. however i think it could use more shading and less mechanical playback. and yes, the reverb may also help ...

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    Re: first string quartet

    Hi Paul.

    Its a very lovely piece; perfectly suited to its intentions, and that's hard to do!!

    I would agree soundwise with everything already said here (more to the center, more reverb, more rubato etc.), and would also like to add that the dynamics are also a bit flat. Maybe a few crescendos on those high notes would live in it up (a real string player would probably do it anyway, but they'll do it with more confidence if they've been told to. )

    Also compositionally, I think you could milk MUCH more out of this piece than you have. Think about taking the melody out of Violin I and giving it to another instrument (like the cello, as you mentioned,). You could also vary your acompaniment, although not TOO much if you want it to still have its original purpose. And it never hurts to pick up a good reference book (like Basic Orchestration by Sam Adler) to learn all about stuff like double stopping, spiccato, sul legno, sul tasto, flautando, and all the myriad of string techniques.

    Hope that helps. Again, great piece.


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    Re: first string quartet

    thanks for the tips everyone, once I get done with the new piece I will try to incorporate all these tips. thanks again for taking the time to listen and comment, it's much appreciated.

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