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Topic: Mountaintop Fanfare

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    Mountaintop Fanfare

    Hi Folks,

    This piece is simple harmonically and rhythmically, but nevertheless remains one of my perpetual favorites; always feels good when I listen to it. I live in Colorado Springs, and Pikes Peak, one of the Colorado "14-ers" (mountains 14,000 feet above sea level or higher) is almost always in view. And without it's imposing presence to the west, I, whose middle name is "wrong way", would be perpetually lost.

    This piece is dedicated to Ken and Judy Folsom.

    I think this link should pop up a player automagically; let me know if this works well (or not) for you.


    As always,
    thanks for listening!


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    Re: Mountaintop Fanfare

    Nice rendition, yes peaceful and grand. Who is the composer? It looks to be you, Karen. Nice piece of writing.

    When I listened it quit before the end though. Not sure why. I would love to hear the whole work.
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    Senior Member rayzalaf's Avatar
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    Re: Mountaintop Fanfare

    Hi Karen,

    Interesting piece which would benefit from a "liberal" helping of dynamic variation and legato. Also the ending is a bit abrupt. perhaps stretching the last two chords over double bars would define the end a little better.

    Nice work! - and thanks for keeping my requiem up in the soundclick charts.

    My Best


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    Re: Mountaintop Fanfare

    Thanks, "W",

    yes, that's my composition. thanks for listening.

    i tested this link and the whole piece played on my machine, so it is "there". Could there have possibly been a hiccup on your internet connection or your computer? They do get indigestion sometimes . Could you perhaps try again and see if it happens consistently? If it does, I could probably get an mp3 file to you somehow if you wish (email, yousendit or box, etc.) Just let me know.

    I like your "trumpet player.....etc....who thinks he's a composer"... it gave me a chuckle because I'm a (former) software engineer who thinks the same thing

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    Re: Mountaintop Fanfare

    Thanks Ray,

    you know, you're right, thanks for the feedback. The ending is rather abrupt isn't it? I may indeed go back and change that. I'll have to think about the dynamics. There is that one "gentler" part with the flutes and lighter instruments, but it's not all that different, true. On the other hand, this thing is kind of a loud piece by nature. I am open to suggestions, though. Perhaps starting softer and building up? That would not be hard to do. What do you think? Is there a particular section of it that you think would be improved by a certain dynamic level?

    I appreciate your listening and feedback!



    and ps yr welcome!

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    Talking Re: Mountaintop Fanfare

    oh and ray, yes my dynamics are always "liberal" LOL! I missed that the first time around!

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    Re: Mountaintop Fanfare

    Nice piece - I like the return of the opening at around 1:30. Perhaps as a Fanfare it is, at times, a little too reflective. And I would echo the comments that the end be more drawn out/bigger. This is, after all, about the Heights ( I grew up looking at Mt. Ranier, so I understand the majesty...). So, a few comments - but I really liked what you have written.

    All the best,
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: Mountaintop Fanfare

    Impressive work (as usual). It certainly had a majestic feel to it. Good job!
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    Re: Mountaintop Fanfare

    Hi Karen,

    I like your fanfare. I agree with the others that it could end much bigger and more majestically (I'm talking dynamics in your rendering, not your music). Overall, though, I really enjoy it.

    I would love to live in the shadow of the Rockies - New Hampshire's mountains just aren't the same.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Mountaintop Fanfare

    HI, Karen - I've been looking forward to this ever since I noticed you had a new piece up for us.

    AAaaaaah--music--pure, sweet music. If ever a piece and its title were married! Absolutely right.

    Such admirable construction in your orchestration. Your sense of drama and music always make my eyes pop out, your work is so gripping.

    Superb work, "KE Peace" - I'm unable to give you any thoughts on what I imagine could be an improvement. When I'm that caught up in music, my critical faculties go out the window.

    Thank you!

    Randy B.

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