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Topic: From Russia with ACTION Webisode 4 Released

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    From Russia with ACTION Webisode 4 Released

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    A bit of music trivia for CC4-Webisode4: The partial melody for the big moment at the end of the video is the USSR National Anthem in a minor key. I hope the Communist Copyright Lawyers Guild doesn't find out!

    Also, it just so happens that my Russian theme (kinda like a Volga River chant) and the Colonel Crush theme are able to overlay each other. And I didn't even plan it that way.


    Samples include...
    * VSL Giga's Strings, Trombones, Solo Trumpet
    * Westgate Clarinet, Horn
    * Sam Timpani
    * G-Town Cymbals
    * Sampletoon Nova Pad

    * GigaPulse Medium Hall
    * Track EQ and Compression in ACID 6
    * Mastering with iZotope Bundle in SoundForge 9

    That's about it...


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    Re: From Russia with ACTION Webisode 4 Released

    Thanks Ern!

    No, not HD (yet), but we got a new camera a while ago that's pretty sweet.

    Next week's Webisode will have a HUGE fight scene. I'll put that upstairs. Maybe I posted this down here so we can debate whether the original Hammer and Sickle can spread communism throughout the world (bwa, ha, ha) or not. Also, if Professor Pow! is the only capitalist left, will he win big or go down with the ship?

    Yep, this webisode opens up many political-sociological-economic questions, including... "So, what was Lenin's favorite ice cream flavor, anyway?"

    Thanks for the kind words!

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