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Topic: An Elizabethan Madrigal (sort of) - from "DORIAN"

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    An Elizabethan Madrigal (sort of) - from "DORIAN"

    This is the next section from my musical, "Dorian-The Remarkable Mr. Gray," following the Music Hall scene I last posted.

    I've put together several music cues from the scene into one sound file.

    A rough group of Cockneys are rowdily singing "Non Nonny Ho" on their way to a tacky little theatre on London's East End* which has the pretension of presenting cut versions of Shakespearean shows. The Cockneys are mocking the airs of the upper class as they enter the theatre, and segue into a genteel-sounding madrigal, which they sing with satirical glee.

    This musical clip includes sections sung by this chorus as well as underscoring for the scene. You will hear that the atmosphere turns from fun and frivolity to a darker tone as the music progresses. Dorian is watching his love, Sibyl, make a fool of herself on stage, leaving Dorian feeling disgraced in the company of his rich friends whom he dragged to the flea-bitten theatre to see her perform.

    7-19-07 edit: As with all my tracks from "Dorian," this was played primarily with GPO instruments. A Korg X5DR hardware module is also used, CZ-1000 (some of the "twangs" in the ominous section of this) and this particular piece features a soprano Recorder Sound Font I was happy to find online.

    Randy B.

    * Thanks for the note, Diligamus

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    Re: An Elizabethan Madrigal (sort of) - from "DORIAN"

    Heh heh ... your experience in transcribing Gilbert and Sullivan pays off! I can hear the shocked horror of that middle passage too. BTW in London it's the "East End" rather than the "East Side."
    Vista / Sonar Home Studio 6 / GPO 2d edition / Melodyne Uno 1.8

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    Re: An Elizabethan Madrigal (sort of) - from "DORIAN"

    Hello, Diligamus!

    Thanks for dropping by--I think you're right about learning from G&S. But just wait, there's a number in Act Two which is even more directly an homage to them.

    And thanks for the note on "East End"--You're right, that's usually the designation. Interesting that in the book this is based on, Wilde uses the term "East Side" at times, and that's what I was thinking of. But the generally used term is as you have it, Thanks.

    Randy B.

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    Re: An Elizabethan Madrigal (sort of) - from "DORIAN"

    Hey Randy,

    This music, as well as your last post, creates such a strong vision of what you briefly explain that I know your headed for success. Great work! I know your production will do favorably. I've always liked the name and story of Dorian Gray. I believe his character was in the movie "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen".

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: An Elizabethan Madrigal (sort of) - from "DORIAN"

    Well done once again, Randy... especially the color
    shifting in this.

    My gosh, but there's a lot of writing going on for this.
    Randy, how long is the stage production expected
    to run? Er, wait, that's the wrong way to put it,
    isn't it -- you want it to run for years... lol. How
    long is the performance, is what I meant.

    My best,


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    Re: An Elizabethan Madrigal (sort of) - from "DORIAN"


    I love the mock Elizabethan gestures - especially when they get rhythmically extended; such a sly and funny wit! This is also a nice contrast to the other sections I have heard; it will give the musical a lot more breadth. The darker passages work well, and underscore your description; will the passage be longer?

    Great job! When can we pre-order the cast recording?

    All the best,
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: An Elizabethan Madrigal (sort of) - from "DORIAN"

    wow, Terrific!

    This Elizabethan style will really add a nice contrast to the progression of works. I Also liked the brief darker segment and then an interesting switch in minor key.... very well done!

    This piece seems to incorporate it all, Lighthearted, Jest, and a blatant ominous passage.

    Excellent writing, Randy!, perhaps one of my favorites (too many to choose from...lol)


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    Re: An Elizabethan Madrigal (sort of) - from "DORIAN"

    Hello, Michael - Thanks much for taking a listen to this new installment from the show. Glad you liked it!

    And you're so right that the character of Dorian was one of the characters used in "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen." Being as familiar with the novel, and wrapped up with my musical as I am, the way they had Dorian look in that movie was the one thing I objected to in the film. A beard on Dorian? HOrrors! Young men of artistic bent like this rebelled against the traditional Vicotrian fashion of men wearing whiskers. I think the film's director added the beard to help us understand he's an evil, shifty guy--But it was essentially the wrong image for him nonetheless.

    David - long time no see! Joke--hehe--re: your recent reply to the previous segment. You asked how long the running time is for the show--It's not short, not long, it's approximately 2 hrs 10 minutes. Act One is just over an hour, Act Two shorter. But yes you're right indeed that there is a Lot of music--it's almost continuous throughout the show. So far, counting this scene, here in The Listening Room I've only posted half of Act One--!

    Ron, you warm the cockles of my heart, asking about a cast CD. As a matter of fact, I plan on having this up-coming cast record the show so this first trial-run production can be heard that way.

    Glad you enjoyed the whimsy of this section of music. Some time ago I posted an earlier version of this in the Cakewalk Songs Forum and called it "Quasi-Elizabethan Music" since it is that--Certainly not pure, what with the instrumentation I used.

    As for the ominous underscoring sections, the length needed will be determined during rehearsals for the show.

    And yes, the music for the show has a fairly broad range of flavors--Later you'll hear a song which is essentially Jazz, and there's a Jacques Brel-like folk song, a send up of Gilbert and Sullivan-styled light opera--Many shifts in moods and styles throughout.

    And thank you Jeff "JSP2" - I'm delighted this is one of your favorite sections. It will be great fun to hear a chorus singing it in energetic 4 part harmony, while wobbling about tipsily on stage, throwing oranges at the actors they're watching et al.

    Thank you everyone!

    Randy B.

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    Re: An Elizabethan Madrigal (sort of) - from "DORIAN"

    Cool Randy, another great writing!

    My Best

    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Re: An Elizabethan Madrigal (sort of) - from "DORIAN"

    Hi Randy, this, along with the others I have heard from Dorian, show your amazing versatility.

    For others, I had a good look through Randy's site and his talents are certainly multi-faceted. This exposure to the many different forms of the arts gives him the depth to express himself so richly and broadly.

    I have decided to read the book after all this - and I am very keen to see the whole production - somehow.

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