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Topic: Garritan Studio - Where to use it ?

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    Garritan Studio - Where to use it ?

    Hello Guys

    If there is a link towards this, and more info, I apologize for posting this thread. Just point me in the right direction. Otherwise here is my question.

    I just receive my GPO and I both Sonar Home Studio XL as my sequencer.
    I use it perfectly fine as VST inside Sonar.

    Then I read about the Garritan Studio, and I was wondering how it works.
    I downloaded it, and opened it, but my midi keyboard does not trigger the keys, even after I completed all the audio/midi settings.

    How do you use it, what for, and where does it plug in.

    I guess, everything I do with G Studio I do in my sequencer.

    So maybe this is just for notation programs.

    Would love some info and advise on G Studio.

    Thanks everyone

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    Re: Garritan Studio - Where to use it ?

    Use to play back scores direct from notation programs. Increasingly, though, the major ones are including an built-in facility to play vst instruments, so Studio is no longer needed.

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    Re: Garritan Studio - Where to use it ?

    I sometimes fire it up when I don't feel like running my sequencer and just use it as a standalone instrument; not as much clicking to just audition instruments that way. It worked for me right off the bat, so I'm not sure why your MIDI keyboard isn't working with it (but works in your seq. app).
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    Re: Garritan Studio - Where to use it ?

    Studio is STILL relevant, if you have a system with less-than-stellar CPU resources. The really neat thing about it is that it allows you to change not only buffer settings, but... allows you to change SAMPLE RATES.

    Why on earth would you want to change sample rates?

    Because GPO loads into your RAM. and the smaller the sample rates, the more instruments which can be loaded at the same time into RAM.

    Obvously, there is a trade-off for this nice feature. The trade off is that the lower the sample rate, the lower the quality of the overal sound. BUT... if you are just using it with a notation program and want to hear all the instruments playing at the same time the music you are writing, then it is really a god-send. I find a good and happy medium is about 19,200 Hz. You wouldn't want to keep it that way to do a good job rendering your final mix or something - BUT.. to just audition what your piece sounds like while you are composing - a really neat feature.

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    Re: Garritan Studio - Where to use it ?

    It has a good use for users of Sibelius Scorch. Choose it as playback device, and playback can be much imporoved. However, this will only work with 8 or fewer slots.


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