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Topic: RAM Question

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    RAM Question

    (I tried to search for an answer to this elsewhere on the forum, but RAM is too short a word and SEARCH kept excluding it.)

    I am kind of ignorant when it comes to RAM. I have heard some people talk about whether their software can "recognize" more than 2Gb of RAM or not. I'm on a Mac, and my understanding is that until they come out with Leopard (with 64-bit technology) that any one program can't use more than 2Gb of Ram.

    So my question is this: Is buying more than 2Gb of RAM for my new Mac Pro unnecessary? I was thinking of loading it up with 4 or even 8Gb (as I am going to be running Platinum XP on it). But if programs can't recognize more than 2, what would that mean? I was hoping that buying more RAM would be like getting a bigger gas tank, but now it sounds like I would just be putting big, full gas cans in my trunk that my car doesn't get to use.

    As I said, I am pretty ignorant about these things, so any illumination would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: RAM Question

    The limit is actually 4Gb per program until 64-bit comes. Adding more could be beneficial to your setup. Here's the skinny:

    Start your DAW. It can utilize 4Gb of RAM. This includes all plugins open within it, samplers, synths, effects, etc. You can access the additional RAM with other programs - Reason, Melodyne, Photoshop, whatever. To use more instruments you can either use standalone VIs or open your instruments in something like Bidule. The routing needed to get this working has been discussed several times on the forum. Search K2 standalone, or Bidule... Also, Virtual Instruments Magazine had an article regarding maxing out your RAM on Mac. They had about 7.5Gb used and working. It's worth getting a subscription for that back issue alone, but every issue has good tips.


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    Re: RAM Question

    32 bit apps can only access 2 gigs of ram, unless you have Windows XP/Vista 32 bit with the 3 gig switch, where apps can then access 3 gigs.

    Buying 3+ gigs of ram on a 32 bit machine is still very useful. You need Ram for your OS, plugins, etc, and still have ram for samples.
    ~Sam Ferrara~

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    Re: RAM Question

    In addition, have a read of this thread, for some background:

    It relates to a PC system, but the 64bit issues are the same, as is how you go about managing 32 bit apllications to maximise your RAM.

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