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Topic: Can you add latency to sounds?

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    Can you add latency to sounds?

    Hey, all. I am doing a project where, due to many reasons, I am having to use Finale midi-ed into Kontakt with my samples to playback a song. The trouble I am having is different samples, such strings and reeds, have too much of an attack and sound late throughout the whole song. If I were playing the parts in I could just anticipate the beat and it would all line up, but with Finale the only way I know how to do this now is to add very small rests (like 32nds) throughout the parts of the instruments with a strong attack so everything plays back together. What I am wondering is, can I simply add latency to a loaded sample in Kontakt, without having to use a processor-taxing effect like a delay and without having to affect all of the sounds? And if not, how would you do this using a delay? I've been trying to create a single echo and then turn off the dry original sound so it creates a latency, but all I can get are several echos with make the sample sound like it is bouncing around. Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Can you add latency to sounds?

    Hi, musikmik

    I use Sonar, and not a notation program. But from your post, I'm understanding that what you're concerned about is the playback and recording you can get, and so you're not concerned with an accurate print-out. Is that right?

    If so, isn't there a way to turn off quantizing so that you can nudge the string and woodwind lines slightly ahead--experimenting until it sounds right?

    That's the method in a DAW when using sounds with slow attacks, and so I'm thinking there's some way of nudging tracks that way in Finale? Naturally the staff display of these results would be a mess, but I'm thinking that's not a concern?

    If you Can do this, then it would obviously be easier than trying to delay all the other tracks/instruments.

    Randy B.

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