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Topic: Escaped from plane crash

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    Exclamation Escaped from plane crash

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    I live in Sao Paulo and one of the projects I'm involved now (I'm scoring one MMORPG) is being developed in Florianopolis, south of Brazil. I was supposed to be at the company this week and to comeback tuesday, but we decided to meet next week.

    And tuesday, a plane coming from the south crashed at arrival. 200 victims

    Don't know if I'm lucky of if we're unlucky to have such events like these.
    []'s, Fabrício Zuccherato
    Wormhole Studios

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    Re: Escaped from plane crash

    I often find it hard to sleep, I had BBC World Service on that night and heard the situation developing as the news came in. It's a real tragedy and one that had almost been expected for ages, what with the length of the runway and what sounds like hasty repairs recently done to the surface.
    The Gods were definately on your side there - I'm so glad you're safe.



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    Re: Escaped from plane crash

    Thank you, BarrieB. I think it could happen to anyone, at anytime.

    I know the place is not ideal for an airport (in the middle of the city and buildings) and the runway is short, but for what I saw, and after watching the video of the plane arriving, I think the major cause of it was human fault. The plane was too fast while trying to landing and took too much time to try to get up again.

    It's unexplained yet, but in the next months, after analyzing the CVR, we may find out what was the main factor, or if a mix of all factors were the responsible. But anyway, I think this will accelerate the pursuit for true solutions, since it's the second major crash in Brazil in 10 months and one day before, another plane skidded of the runway. Sometimes people only learn the bad way...
    []'s, Fabrício Zuccherato
    Wormhole Studios

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    Re: Escaped from plane crash

    I am annoyed that this event did not make it above the fold in my newspaper, however a very large photo of a janitor preparing a bed in the capitol for a senator did.

    And I am glad to know you are all right.
    Fate is scary sometimes.

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    Re: Escaped from plane crash

    Glad to hear you're okay. Terrible accident.

    My friend's father has avoided THREE fatal plane accidents when rescheduling a flight, late to the airport and a canceled meeting/trip. In one case he was actually on-board, got a call that the meeting was canceled, and he got off.

    If I'm ever scheduled to fly with my friend's dad, I'm not letting him out of my sight!

    The closest call I ever got was when the pressurization system failed. It wasn't bad enough to drop the masks, but my ears/sinuses were slammed. The pilot dove to about 12,000 ft and we finished the flight on time...

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    Re: Escaped from plane crash

    Thanks for the concern, guys.

    Reegs, I think it's common for local media to cover local events and give more space to it. Probably in the US they talked a lot more about the explosions in NY than we did.

    Jon, that's a very scary story. I would be afraid to fly without him if I were you I never had any problems with the plane, but I'm always willing to travel in an emergency exit row. If something happen to us, I think I can help more and faster than most of the other passengers, specially in a case of internal fire, like this one.
    []'s, Fabrício Zuccherato
    Wormhole Studios

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    Re: Escaped from plane crash

    Glad you are safe


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