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Topic: Help with translating Giga format to K2 format

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    Help with translating Giga format to K2 format

    I need help with translating from GigaStudio format to Kontakt 2 format.

    I'm importing Cool Vibes into K2 and it seems to import properly, but since it is not optimized for K2 it does not play the notes well. The Giga programs are in version 2.5.

    I've downloaded the Cool Vibes programs for K2, but when I try to open any of them K2 cannot find the files. Even if I direct K2 to the folder it still does not find them. I rebuilt the database and the same problem: it won't find the files. Then if I go ahead with the loading, less than half the notes are keymapped.

    In the past I've translated a lot of other Gigstudio format files with no problem.

    I think I may be missing a step in the translation process or perhaps there is a setting under Options that I need to tweak.

    Anyone have any idea what I'm missing here?


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    Re: Help with translating Giga format to K2 format

    I've used both Extreme Sample Converter and ChickenSys with success in the past.

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