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Topic: GVI and GS3 on the same machine?

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    GVI and GS3 on the same machine?


    I have been using GS3 for quite a while. I want access to GVI sounds and soft synths. and VIs.

    Can I access GVI sounds and VIs and soft synths in GS3?

    Can I run both GVI and GS3 on the same Windows machine?

    What are peoples thoughts about the best way to run both on the same machine?



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    Re: GVI and GS3 on the same machine?

    I don't believe you can run both GVI and GS3 on the same machine. I don't have a document to point to, but I have heard this on more than one occasion.


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    Re: GVI and GS3 on the same machine?

    I can't see any reason that GVI and GS3 won't work on the same machine. Obviously you can't load a GVI instance into GS3 as GS3 doesn't support VST instruments, just VST effects. However, both should be able to load each others samples. In fact, some of the samples delivered with GVI are exactly the same samples in GS3.

    I not sure you would want to use both at the same time as they would compete heavily for processing resources. I haven't tried that yet, as I don't have a reason to do so. For live playing I would use GS3 and for multitrack work I would use GVI.

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    Re: GVI and GS3 on the same machine?

    What does GVI give me that GS3 does not?

    Can I load all GVI sounds into GS3? Will they work the same?


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    Re: GVI and GS3 on the same machine?

    I looked around a bit and it seems I was wrong - they can be run on the same machine.

    Given a choice between the two (one or the other) I would go with GVI though.


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    Re: GVI and GS3 on the same machine?

    The difference between GVI and GS3 are centred on the fact that GVI is a VST instrument plugin. Therefore GVI has no mixer or editor, other than the Quick editor. GVI is more suited to DAW applications such as Sonar and Cubase where you can use it as a synth for a midi track. With GS3 you would either have to use GS3 in rewire mode to insert it as a synth otherwise you would have to run GS3 outside your DAW app and somehow reroute it back into DAW via your sound card. In rewire mode GS3 only seems to support one port and Sonar only supports one instance of rewire and hence I only get to load 16 instruments. In addition GS3 in rewire supports only one stereo out channel which is rather limiting. With GVI, on the otherhand, you can load multiple instances into your DAW for unlimited instruments and as many outs as you have instances. I'm a little disappointed that the GVI manual recommends only using one instance and loading all your instruments in the one instance, which sort of suggests its no better than using GS3 in rewire mode.

    Another advantage of using a VST is that the DAW app is aware of the characteristics of the plugin and can automatically compensate for any latency of the plugin.

    I think you can load all your GVI sounds into GS3. I haven't loaded them all but the ones I've tried did work.

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    Re: GVI and GS3 on the same machine?


    For DAW I run Performer on a Mac so at the moment I can't run GVI as a plug-in. I have run GS3 on a Windows machine for years and I am thinking of running GVI as stand alone on this same Windows machine or another Windows machine.

    How about the actual sounds and synths.?

    Is it true that GVI is a soft synth and a sampler?
    Where as GS3 is just a sampler?
    Does this mean that GVI has synths. and samplers?

    I am a bit confused as to what actual sounds GVI will make that GS3 cannot make?


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    Re: GVI and GS3 on the same machine?

    For standalone on a PC, I would stick with the GS3 that you already have. When (if) GVI becomes available for mac then you might consider a one machine solution where GVI runs as a VST.

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    Re: GVI and GS3 on the same machine?

    I can't see anything in GVI that could make it a softsynth rather than just a sample player. I seems to have the same functionality as GS3. With GS3 you can use the Quickedit functions on a sample to morph the sound like a subtractive synth would. GVI has much the same ability. They both have amplitude, filter and pitch modulation envelopes and LFOs.

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    Re: GVI and GS3 on the same machine?


    So will GS3 play every sound/patch/sample and instrument that is made for GVI?
    And will GVI play all the available GS3 sounds?

    And the only difference is the ability of GVI to work as a plug-in in DAW?

    But there are windows in GVI that I don't see in GS3 like the GVI General, Amp/Pitch and Filter menus. None of these exist in GS3. (Maybe in GS Editor they exist.) Is this true?

    Can anyone confirm?


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