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Topic: BioShock Score

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    BioShock Score

    While at the GDC, I went to a lecture about the new BioShock score from composer Garry Schyman, which I found to be very interesting. He has executed a very courageous and unusual approach to the music which seemed to work very well, from what I heard. Read more about it here:

    Doyle W. Donehoo, Composer
    Radar Music

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    Re: BioShock Score

    Very interesting


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    Re: BioShock Score

    I'm really looking forward to this game! You can check out alot of actual gameplay clips on youtube.com. If there's any composer who can live up to the standard set by the visuals/art direction/theme, it's Garry Schyman.

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    Re: BioShock Score

    I've heard bits and pieces of the score, and I am eagerly anticipating not only the soundtrack but the game. I think it (the music and game) will hit a homerun with critics and fans.
    Sean Beeson
    Composer for videogames, film and television

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    Re: BioShock Score

    I am really looking forward to both the game and the score! I preordered the collector's edition so i could also get the soundtrack on cd. It's always a selling point for me as I collect soundtracks

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