I tryed to answer your questions by email, for unknown
reasons the mails returned...
So I answer your questions here in the forum. Perharps
this is from interest for others too.
I hope this is ok for you.

"While waiting for September :-) I had a couple questions about your string and piano library.

1. Will you and Robert have some time between now and the release to update the human playback files so they'll work with F2008? I have left a copy of 2007c installed on my computer as a backup, but I've been playing with 2008 lately and it seems more stable. I like that."

I can confirm that Finale 2008 is very stable. And the Xsample Instruments works fine with Finale 2008!

"2. Do you happen to know what the violin and cello brands are that you recorded the samples from? Stradivarius by any chance?"

There is no Stradivarius, but we recorded instruments of highest quality performed by musicians who loves and knows there instruments very well.

"3. Can you send me an e-mail to let me know when you have a demo available on your website with the piano and strings, if you're planning on making one?"

Sorry, at the moment I have no possibility to make a solo strings and piano demo, because I'm working now on demos for the mallets and some other instruments, which are in development (chromatic steeldrum, accordion).

Hans Josef