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Topic: Help with 2008/GPO Installation

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    Help with 2008/GPO Installation

    Hi ALL !
    This is my first post, so please excuse me if I am in the wrong place !
    I have just received 2008 upgrade. I would like some help regarding the ORDER that I need to do the installation please.
    I currently have 2007c installed and Full GPO. 1 Gig of Ram and Windows Vista Home Pro. I have downloaded the Kontakt 2 upgrade and have received a serial number.
    I have never used the Kontakt 2 player before, but want to use it now as the sound quality is very good. Do I need to uninstall 2007c and FULL GPO before installing 2008 ? At the moment I'm receiving error messages saying that my GPO Library (_parts) is in the wrong place. Will reinstalling possibly fix this ? I remember seeing a solution to this somewhere else ...
    Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    Re: Help with 2008/GPO Installation

    No do not uninstall anything, especially Finale 2007. When you install Finale 2008 it will be installed in a folder called Finale 2008. It will place a new 2008 Finale icon on your desk top.

    You will need to add the same files to the Finale 2008 VST folder just like you did in Finale 2007. Including the new KP2 update. Looke for post by Nickie Fonghugue.
    Samantha Penigar


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