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Topic: Recommendations for CD-RW drive

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    Recommendations for CD-RW drive

    I need recommendations for an INTERNAL CD-RW drive. I'm completely digital, I've got all these lovely high-fidelity tracks, but I can't write them to audio CD because my brand new zippy CD-RW drive's driver won't write any more slowly than 12X--and I need something that'll go at least down to 4x, if not slower.

    My computer vendor has a hard time handling this request, because he's not used to handling requests to find things that work SLOWLY.

    Any suggestions?


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    Re: Recommendations for CD-RW drive

    I use a 16x or 18x DVD-RAM drive for burning audio CD's. Both drives work fine burning at 8x and I haven't had a single coaster using high quality discs.

    You can buy an internal DVD-RAM drive for $30 from newegg.com.


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    Re: Recommendations for CD-RW drive

    Yeah, I know I *can* burn at 12x, but I can hear the difference. I lose too much fidelity over 4x. And it's not just me, I' work with some seriously golden-eared pro sound guys who agree with me that you lose too much quality burning over 4x.

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    Re: Recommendations for CD-RW drive

    Buy a Plextor drive. They are quality through and through. My PX-755A can go down to at least 4x. But, I think you will find the quality acceptable at higher speeds. The newer PX-800A can also go down to 4x.

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