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Topic: Digging up old HD dirt

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    Question Digging up old HD dirt

    I know this topic has been talked to death, but I need some help...

    I'm getting a MacPro (the 3.0Ghz duals, 8Gb Ram). My question is about the Hard Drives. I've been researching for days and I'm still kind of confused about what the best thing would be for me to do.

    I've got EWQLSO Platinum XP, EWQL RA, EWQL Symphonic Choirs and Colossus. I also have my eye on about 40Gb or so of some other samples, too. The MacPro has four internal HD bays, so I know that I want a configuration something like this:

    Hard Drive I - Boot Drive with Applications
    Hard Drive II - Dedicated Project Drive (Maybe partitioned -- 1. Active projects / 2. Recent archived projects)
    Hard Drive III - Dedicated Sample Drive
    Hard Drive IV - Dedicated Sample Drive

    My quandry is this... for drives II, III & IV, I'm comparing SATA II drives with Raptor Drives. The problem is Raptor drives, while giving me the 10,000rpm, don't give me near enough storage capacity at the 150Gb that I found (that seems to be the current max). And while the SATA II drives certainly give me more storage space, they're only 7200rpm. I keep reading about how the speed seems to be the more important variable. However, I ALSO keep reading that I shouldn't fill up my drives so as to allow for faster reading.

    SOOOooooo... if I get three Raptor drives, and only keep them say 2/3 full, that only gives me 200Gb for samples (with 100Gb for projects)... but I already know that I plan on having more than 230Gb.

    Any experienced folks out there ever gone through the SATA II vs. Raptor debate and come up with a solution/philosophy?

    I'm open to working with external HDs, but I also keep reading that internal is faster and therefore better (and that still doesn't solve the 150GB max on Raptors dilemma). Thoughts, anecdotes, rhyming couplets?


    PS - Also, does anyone know if the larger drives are multi-plattered? I think that's the term for it. If that's true, then how does that affect the philosophy of only partially filling your drive?

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    Re: Digging up old HD dirt

    What is of primary importance for DFD streaming is seek time and you don't get lower seek time (with SATA) than the Raptor's. Also, because of this low seek time, you are not likely to get problems if you fill the 1500 to the limit. Mine is filled to 92% of the capacity, and I have not gotten into trouble yet. But then again, I never tried very hard to get into trouble

    There is a reason why Native Instruments recommend the Raptor for DFD. It is perfect for this.

    Also with a Raptor you can lower K2's Preload buffer size more, than you can with a SATA II drive - and thus save RAM - because it depends on how fast, samples can be retrieved.

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    Re: Digging up old HD dirt

    As a MacPro owner with a similar library, I would recommend:

    getting three 750GB SATA drives from OWC (macsales.com). These are 7200rpm but are the best price per gig and really reliable. The 750GB is about $300.

    Buy an external USB2 drive to back up your projects, which you can automate throught Time Machine come October. Again 750GB is about $300 from OWC. If you have a disaster you don't want the backups to be on an internal partition. The reason I recommend USB2 is because I'm connecting it to an AirPort extreme, but if not it could be FW 400 or 800.

    I actually don't use the MacPro for samples but for ProTools. Samples I run off a G5 with just a 500GB internal.

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