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Topic: Violin Concerto (excert!)

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    Violin Concerto (excert)

    Hi all. (By excert I mean I've only just started this!) I'm sketching out some ideas for a violin concerto. This will probably be part of a slower middle movement that will eventually contain more compositional contrast and variation than at present. For now though, I'm posting for initial impressions and feedback please on the rendering, especially the solo GPO violin (not the Strad - that's on my 'to get' list. Thanks.


    BTY, the same link contains my completed 'Elaborations on Two English Hymns' which was posted here as a work in progress sometime back.

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    Re: Violin Concerto (excert!)

    I think this is a very nice sound. It has kind of a floating feel to it. The blend of instruments sounds great, and the reverb sounds just right to me. Thanks for posting this.

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    Re: Violin Concerto (excert!)

    Quote Originally Posted by jaynkate01
    I think this is a very nice sound. It has kind of a floating feel to it. The blend of instruments sounds great, and the reverb sounds just right to me. Thanks for posting this.

    Thanks for the feedback Jay. Much appreciated. The reverb always concerns me because I'm never quite sure what I'm doing in that department!

    Regards, Graham

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    Re: Violin Concerto (excert!)

    Excellent tone colors (Brit. - colours ). It sounds very professional and realistic. I like it so far. Keep up the good work, old chap.


    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Violin Concerto (excert!)

    An enjoyable listen!

    There's an airiness quality to this piece. The strings seem to hover just above, creating a nice sense of anticipation!

    As an excerpt.. it's pretty darn good!

    Excellent work!


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    Re: Violin Concerto (excert!)

    It's good music. I get the impression of both creativity and sensitivity to music.

    Now that reverb has been mentioned, I zoomed in on that! It did sound like the violinist was in a different kind of hall from everyone else, but I'm not expert enough to be sure of that impression, nor do I know what should be done about it.

    BTW I'm intrigued to read that you sing alto in the choir. I didn't know that was physiologically possible. How old are you?
    Vista / Sonar Home Studio 6 / GPO 2d edition / Melodyne Uno 1.8

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    Thumbs up Re: Violin Concerto (excert!)

    Beautiful Violin and outstanding piece, GrahamKeitch. I also like the timpani, just the right touch.

    You have to be sure to put the p in excerpt or it looks kinda like exert, related to hard physical work or exercise.


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    Re: Violin Concerto (excert!)


    This is lovely! It has your hallmarks of English modality (a good thing!), and a beautiful openness. Very expressive music. Is this for a particular performer/performance in mind? This would sound fantastic in a live setting.

    I have only quibble - you say this might be the second movement. It seems to me to first movement material - the percussion, the lyric grandeur, and sunniness all point to a first movement in my mind, with something more intimate for the second. But then, I'm thinking of models of the past - you can/will/should do as you please.

    This is a great start. Looking forward to updated posts on the progress.

    All the best,
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: Violin Concerto (excert!)

    Hello, Graham!

    It seems to never fail - Every morning when I have time to listen to some new posts here, I am just awe-struck at what an amazing group of musician/composers we have here at the Garritan pages of Northern Sounds. And your work here (your "excert"--hehe funny that Leaf busted you on that) drives that home all over again.

    What heart this Concerto has! Liquid and so expressive. I was completely captivated. You are clearly especially inspired as you work on this piece.

    You're asking about reverb, and there's already been some discussion. It's sounding much more than just acceptable to me. The lead Violin - well it sounds like it's a bit wetter than the rest of the orchestra, and I always feel the Concert Master needs to be a bit closer to us, but as always, one would have to experiment with a setting as different as that.

    Big bravos - Thanks for the "excert"--hehe.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Violin Concerto (excert!)

    "Violin Concerto" is beautiful composition and well-done mixing!
    BTW, the "Piano Concerto 3" is (even) great and Pro too! I like this more than others!


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