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Topic: I dream of snowflakes. (classical)

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    I dream of snowflakes. (classical)

    This song is really 2 themes. The first theme is played alone on guitar . Then the second theme is layered on top of the first. The instrumentation is jabb guitar and accordian, and gpo cello. All comments are welcome.

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    Re: I dream of snowflakes. (classical)

    That's an unusual instrumental combination, but what delightful music it is! There's a French flavor to it. I like it, Mr. Jay. Nice writing job.

    My best,

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: I dream of snowflakes. (classical)

    Same here, Jay. It's delightful and full of little nuances. The accordian and cello were a bit of a surprise when they first came in. I was thinking maybe a violin rather than a cello would fit better? But a lovely piece to listen to all the same.
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    Re: I dream of snowflakes. (classical)


    This is lovely - the electric guitar (mellow) is very nice. Maybe a little too much overlap of notes (not always possible, but hey, it sounds good!).

    The accordion/cello are a very nice touch - gives that Parisian cafe flavor (that's a compliment); also the accordion is similar to the bandoneon used in Tango music, so it lends that it as well.

    Too short is my only real criticism - after the other instruments enter, I want to hear it develop and expand.

    Really nice work!
    Ron Pearl





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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry G. Alexander
    That's an unusual instrumental combination ...
    heheh, You should know, the king of instrumental combinations!
    I concur though and love the combination! Lends a nice mood yes, French flavor. Very delightful! Just enough to make 'em want to hear more! Winning combination. Nice!

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    Re: I dream of snowflakes. (classical)

    Hello, Jay!

    Music can really bring the little kid out in me - I love being surprised. And this unusual, lilting and warm piece from you was a wonderful surprise. Even after reading your description, I wasn't sure what to expect. Then after loading up the MP3, all I could do was lean back and enjoy. It's very effective. To use the word we sometimes dread, but which can still have meaning - it was niiiice.

    Interesting that was the electric Jabb Jazz guitar. If I hadn't read that, at least for awhile, I would've thought it was an electric piano - ! - Something about its un-EQed tone makes it sound like a Fender Rhodes--Or is that just me?

    So cool that you used the Accordion. I have tried using it in a piece that has a good sized ensemble playing with it, and I was told the effect was that the recording sounded "out of tune." There's that unusual Accordion sound which I think involves a thing of the instrument being a bit out of tune with itself. In a small ensemble like this, though, it sounds right.

    For the mood of your dreamy composition, I felt that a more Legato playing of the Accordion would have supported the mood more. You know what I mean? The phrases tend to be cut off rather than flowing into each other. That along with more volume variation, as per the squeeze box action, and it would've fit the dreamy quality of the writing.

    MP3 note - This happens fairly often, and it's a detail people could benefit from utilizing - The Media Player says "unknown artist" and "untitled" - the default settings when the ID tags haven't been used. I think it'd be good to get your name and the piece's title in there!

    --It's too early in the year to dream of snowflakes! - But I still really enjoyed dreaming of them to the strains of your music this morning. Thanks!

    Randy B.

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    Thumbs up Re: I dream of snowflakes. (classical)

    Very nice! I also love the french flavor from the accordian. The guitar solo is fantastic and made me dream of snowflakes and dream of owning a nice guitar.


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    Re: I dream of snowflakes. (classical)

    I like this piece very much!
    The first part of the guitar is delicate and soft, like falling snowflakes.
    When the accordion entered it started to remind me of a Piazzola tango.
    I think that the accordion should be mellowed as well because it is too dominant. All three instruments should blend more into each other. Then it really would be melting...

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    Re: I dream of snowflakes. (classical)

    Thanks for listening larry. I am not sure why I picked this instrument combination. It just seemed to work for me. Your are right though. It is an unusual combination.

    Diligamus, I thought that the accordian and cello would sound kind of weird, but I think in this case, they blended ok. I guess they do sound kind of weird afterall, though. I am glad that you liked it.

    rpearl, thanks for saying nice things about my song. I agree that the accordian sounds a little parisian. I think if this song when on much longer, that it get kind of boring. Anyway thanks for listening.

    Styxx, for some reason, this instrument combination worked for me, I am glad that it was something that you liked.

    Randy, as always I very much appreciate your comments. The song really did remind me of snowflakes for some reason. A real accordian isa little out of tune to itself. That is where some of the characteristic sound comes from. I remember playing in some bands that had accordian, and it sometimes drove me nuts, because it sounded out of tune and I had a hard time tuning my instrument to it.

    LEAF, I appreciate your nice comments. I wish I owned a nice guitar also.

    Sunbird, you are probably right about the accordian being a little to dominant. I have no exprerience with this instrument combination and I am sure there is alot of room for improving the blend.
    Thanks -Jay

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    Re: I dream of snowflakes. (classical)

    Quote Originally Posted by jaynkate01
    This song is really 2 themes. The first theme is played alone on guitar . Then the second theme is layered on top of the first. The instrumentation is jabb guitar and accordian, and gpo cello. All comments are welcome.
    We too are dreaming of snowflakes (36° C, today in Milano, northern Italy).

    Very refreshing, thank you.

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