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Topic: Opinions on new Pianoteq V2.1?

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    Opinions on new Pianoteq V2.1?

    Hi everyone,

    since the older versions of Pianoteq have received some mixed
    feedback here, I was wondering what you guys think of the
    new version of Pianoteq with it's "Grand C2 concert" preset...

    Best regards,

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    Re: Opinions on new Pianoteq V2.1?

    The big change in sound really came when version 2.0 was released. Version 2.1 is more a matter of small adjustments: My impression is that a few of the levels for the harmonics were adjusted and the new preset was added. (The new preset sounds good, but the sound is that of distant-miced piano, and I tend to prefer a closer sound.) There are also interface changes--the ability to retain fxp settings, for example--that made using the instrument cleaner.

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