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Topic: Sonivox Symphonic Performance problem!

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    Sonivox Symphonic Performance problem!

    Hi, I am actually having a pretty weird situation here.
    I am trying to use Sonivox Complete Symphonic Collection to recreate a Beethoven Ouverture...

    But the weird thing is that my DAW is not performing well at all with Sonivox CSC. I tried the exact same MIDI score with VSL Pro Ed samples and my DAW is performing extremly well, without any pops or clips!

    So I tried different samples of the Sonivox collection: with simple legato samples on all channels, I hear few pops. If I use XFades samples on all channels, it becomes unplayable. ( I know XFade samples are harder on CPU but still, it sounds like a lawnmower!)

    But with VSL samples, the DAW seems to be sleeping and the sound is perfect.

    Could it be relared to the fact that VSL is 16bits and Sonivox 24bits?
    Or could it be a harddrive issue?

    I tried all MIDI buffers combinations but still no progress.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!
    Nicolas Roy

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    Re: Sonivox Symphonic Performance problem!

    Those Xfade instruments are way to power hungry. Use the DEF patches as it's consumes much less voices and sound better. If you're on GS3 that is.

    In general i found Sonivox to be much more PCU intensive than VSL. They have longer release and are 24 bits and use more voices in general. Again, use the DEF instruments man. This thing is cool and is the only thing i really miss about giga.

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    Re: Sonivox Symphonic Performance problem!

    Thanks a lot Geronimo for that quick answer!
    The problem is now 90% fixed since I can use CC1 samples without using too much processing power.

    But I still have some pops in the sound, even with very basic samples. (Still using Sonivox Symphonic Collection.)

    And theses pops occurs even if in GS3, CPU won't go over 60% and voices below 100...

    Really weird­...
    Sample drive is defragged, MIDI buffer is at maximum. I don't understand, I had the impression that my DAW was decent.

    Would it mean it's still too slow for 24bit samples?
    Or maybe because Cubase and GS3 are on the same machine?

    Any comments would be appreciated.
    Nicolas Roy

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    Re: Sonivox Symphonic Performance problem!

    Quote Originally Posted by nicolasroy
    Or maybe because Cubase and GS3 are on the same machine?
    This seemed like a really odd problem until you typed the sentence above.

    GS3 does much better when its running all by itself for numerous reasons from CPU usuage to Hard drive bandwidth.

    Why is that most every problem has the same answer - add more computers?!?!?!

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    Re: Sonivox Symphonic Performance problem!

    Thanks Ed,
    Adding a second machine is my next step, as soon as budget will allow it. I'll let you know the improvement.

    Until then, I'll try to maximise performances with Cubase and Giga on the same box...

    BTW, I discovered something that seems to help a little bit...
    In Configuration Manager, on the Hardware panel, the bith dept was set to 24. I though it was appropriate since the library is a 24bit lib and my sound is an Audiophile 2496.

    But it seems I got a little bit more horse power when decreasing the value to 16bits. For now, I don't hear any impact on the sound.

    Nicolas Roy

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