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Topic: Ambience Reverb Filename Duplication

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    Ambience Reverb Filename Duplication

    Does anyone know where the presets or the names of the presets for the Ambience Reverb are stored in Sonar? I can't seem to find the folder. I am using Sonar 6.2.1 and Finale 2008. The Finale Ambience presets are fine but I'm getting duplicate preset names in Sonar. If the many MIDI gurus on this forum have any insight into this problem please help. Thanks.

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    Re: Ambience Reverb Filename Duplication

    Sonar doesn't have presets for Ambience at installation time.
    As soon as you transferred that Ambience.dll to the Sonar folder and as soon as you use it, calling a preset you used somewhere else, it copies that preset (thus in Sonar) to a "Sonar dedicated presets file", when you save the Sonar project.

    That's what I see on my system......


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    Re: Ambience Reverb Filename Duplication

    Hi, Reberclark

    Raymond's already given you a good reply. But I'm not positive if you're talking about the factory pre-sets "Concert Hall1" etc, or the unique settings which become pre-sets as you save them on a per-project basis--?

    And apparently you mean the names are coming up twice?

    Randy B.

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    Re: Ambience Reverb Filename Duplication

    Here is what I'm getting:

    some presets that I made and saved before my KP2 update are non-functional like "My Band Room" and "My Concert Hall 2." I'm thinking of uninstalling and re-installing Ambience, but because this just appears in Sonar and not Finale I thought I'd try to locate where this info is stored and possibly delete it there.

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    Re: Ambience Reverb Filename Duplication

    Raymond and Randy, thank you for responding!

    A little more info: So what I have done is to remove Ambience from my Sonar files, saved them, then deleted the Garritan_Ambience.dll from SONAR. I then downloaded a new copy of Ambience from the Garritan site and put it in my Sonar vst folder, reopened my projects and re-added Ambience. The "anomalous" pre-set menu is gone and replaced by the regular "Concert Hall 1" etc menu. So apparently the problem is solved, but can anyone tell me what might have caused it - or am I misunderstanding something about Ambience? Any help from the wise heads of this board is appreciated!

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    Re: Ambience Reverb Filename Duplication

    Oh, thank you for posting the picture. Now I see what you mean. I use Sonar and Ambience. The ones above the line are just the "recently used" presets. If you know Microsoft Word, it moves recently-used fonts to the top. Same here. Then the ones in the middle are the standard list. But I don't know what the ones below the bottom line are. Are they the ones you've changed from the presets? I've never tried doing that.
    Vista / Sonar Home Studio 6 / GPO 2d edition / Melodyne Uno 1.8

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    Re: Ambience Reverb Filename Duplication

    Hi, Reberclark

    Hmmmm. Well the picture didn't make sense to me because that's not the way my menu looks in my Home Studio 4 XL version of Sonar. I'm rather sure that's part of the difference there.

    But Diligamus described accurately the standard Windows menu tab which shows your most recently used settings. Seems to me he described exactly what's being shown in that menu--Recents on top, then in the middle are the factory pre-sets for the program, and then down below that is the list of edited patches you've named and kept. Seems to me that's what you Want to see.

    The reason your menu looks "normal" now is because by erasing the old copy of Ambience and uploading a new one from the site--you've lost the history, which is no big deal--I just hope you haven't lost the ability to access your edited patches.

    It is confusing though because my Ambience and Sonar look very different. I have all my edited pre-sets saved and accesible through the little window at the top--which I don't see in your screen shot. One tab pulls up the factory list of reverb settings, the other window opens my list of special edits.

    Diligamus--You've never changed any of the pre-sets in the plugin? Most plugins have the capability where you tweak a pre-set until it suits your needs better, then you name it in the window at the top left. This edited version now comes up with your project - or you can re-load it easily through the same window.

    So reberclark--I'm not quite sure why you're happy with having re-installed Ambience. Hopefully you can still access the programs you created and saved? You didn't mention that. And the menu list really was probably normal, as Diligamus sleuthed out--Though it looks unfamiliar to me since I use a different version of Sonar.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Ambience Reverb Filename Duplication

    Quote Originally Posted by rbowser-
    Diligamus--You've never changed any of the pre-sets in the plugin?
    Heh heh ... guess I'm not the adventurous type!
    Vista / Sonar Home Studio 6 / GPO 2d edition / Melodyne Uno 1.8

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    Re: Ambience Reverb Filename Duplication

    Thanks Randy and Diligamus for the replies. I HAD tweaked a few of the Ambience pre-sets and saved them under my own names like "MY Band Room" and "MY Concert Hall" but somehow they would not load (even though they were in the menu) after my KP2 2.2.3 upgrade. Don't know why at all. But I HAD saved (as in written down on actual, real, good ol' paper) what I had altered and saved in the "tweaked" pre-sets so I really didn't lose more than a day restoring it all. I hope I'm explaining this right. Anyway, we'll see how it goes from here and thanks again for your wisdom, courage, care, and thoughtfulness.

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