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Topic: /3G, largeaddressaware and editbin.exe

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    /3G, largeaddressaware and editbin.exe

    Hi folks,

    I am not sure if this is right place to post this, and I apologize in advance for any inconvenience. I am having hard time with following matter:

    I just bought new PC, Win XP Pro 32 bit with 3 Gigs of RAM, enabled /3G switch so system sees 3 Gig RAM.

    However, the next step is to make my DAW (Sonar 6.2 in my case) large address aware (so it can use up to 3 Gigs RAM), which means I need to use application EDITBIN.EXE

    I've found info on cakewalk forums that under 32 bit it's no problem to make Sonar large address aware, and that editbin.exe is part of free download from Microsoft.

    I can't find this application at all. Only thing I learned, it is part of Microsoft Visual Studio, but I am no programmer, and download is pretty heavy, so I am not sure how my system will behave after installing it.

    Can anyone point me to page where I can get editbin.exe file, or maybe show me other way to make this work?

    Any help greatly appreciated!!

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    Re: /3G, largeaddressaware and editbin.exe

    You might check out this site. He has a tool (LaaTiDo.exe) that makes this easier.

    - Chris
    Intel E6600, 4 GB RAM, WinXP Pro, M-Audio Audiophile 192, Cubase 4.5.1, GVI 3.64, Kontakt 3.0.2

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