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Topic: hiring a string quartet

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    hiring a string quartet

    hopefully this post is appropriate for this forum, let me know if it's not. I'm writing some music for a friend's wedding (using gpo for playback!) and wanted to hire a string quartet to record it, probably at my apartment (I have a good mic and decent hard disc recording setup).

    I'm in nyc, so there are lots of musicians around. I posted something on craigslist and got some responses, but I'm a jazz musician and really know very little about classical musicians. what's the ballpark I should be paying for a quartet per hour? anyone have any recommendations as to how to go about all this? I don't have a supertight budget or anything but definitely want to avoid overpaying if I can.

    thanks for your help and any tips you may have.


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    Re: hiring a string quartet

    Hi Paul,

    perhaps you can find some answers here... :


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    Re: hiring a string quartet

    I cannot help you, but when it "goes" good luck. It must be quite an experience.....


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