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Topic: Some sounds load - some don't

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    Some sounds load - some don't

    Can anyone give me a clue as to why some of my sounds do NOT load up in KP2? I have done all the updates, *.txt files, etc. as recommended.

    Most of the files will load up - you can see the *.wav menu loading. However, certain files like the "modern oboe player" or "tubular bells" will not UN-ZIP. You don't see the *.wav files showing up. There is also no green light in the purge window. Nor does the keyboard show any shading for available notes. However, the window shows that the sound is loaded up.

    Again, I have done all available updates, copies the new gpo2 text files, etc.
    Even got this thing to work with Finale 2008! - Except for certain sounds.

    Are there still mis-spellings in the text file?
    John, Plainfield, NJ

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    Re: Some sounds load - some don't

    Foolow up to previous post.

    I have gone through all my sounds. It seems that ALL the violin sounds (VLN I and VLN II), and the violas don't load up. (I re-installed the programs and updates once again!).

    Cellos and Double Basses are fine.

    In the percussion list - everything loads up BUT the Xylophone and the Wind Machine.

    ANyone have a clue as to what I need to do? Thanks

    (P.S. In a Finale 2008 file created with GPO and KP 2 - the violins load up. BUT I can't get them to load up in any new files.)
    John, Plainfield, NJ

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    Re: Some sounds load - some don't

    To have the keyboard play samples from channel 2 onwards, you have to click the sample you want to hear with the mouse. Move your mouse pointer to between the solo & mute button and left click. There should be a yellow box outline on the sample you clicked. Once the yellow outline is there, the keyboard on the bottom will play samples from the selected set. Click again at the same spot and the box will dissapear and the keyboard will go back to playing from channel 1.

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    Re: Some sounds load - some don't

    Yes that's true. Just click the colored area above the title of the patch you're using.

    OK anyone? WHy won't my violins load up?

    Clue: I did have them working before applying the update.
    BUT not the xylophone and the wind machine!

    (Believe it or not - I am writing a piece that needs the wind machine!)
    John, Plainfield, NJ

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    Re: Some sounds load - some don't


    Yes I am (trying) to load the n-instrument sounds.
    It happens in Kotakt Player 2 as the stand-a-lone program OR in Finale 2008.

    I am wondering if perhaps Finale 2008's install of Kontakt Player has something to do with this.

    Anyway I have completely stripped my computer of all things Garritan. And will do another re-install.

    If I find this still doesn't work - then I will also un-install FInale 2008 and build everything back up again.
    John, Plainfield, NJ

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    Re: Some sounds load - some don't

    Problem solved.

    I discovered through the re-install process that the .nks files don't fully copy to my Garritan GPO Library folder. The size of the files on my hard drive do not match up to the size of the .nks files on the DVD installation disc.

    library_part_1.nks copies fully (if you compare its size to what is on the DVD)
    but part 2 only half copies and part 3 shows up as 0kb.

    I tried to force a copy from the DVD to the folder on the hard drive but I got a "cyclic redundancy check" error. Which basically means - you're DVD has a problem.

    I was able to force a direct copy of the part_2.nks files but could not do part 3.

    This was then confirmed when I was able to open up a few more sound files in the Player.

    It's funny that this error does not show up during the setup.exe install. As far as I knew - the installation was always complete since I never got any errors during ANY re-installs before.
    I called garritan and they hopefully will be sending me out a replacement disc.
    John, Plainfield, NJ

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    Re: Some sounds load - some don't

    Many thanks to Gary for sending me out a replacement DVD. Everything copied properly and I am up an running with my sounds! Finally.
    Never did I suspect that I had a bad DVD after all this time.
    (Again, the full .nks files never fully installed. And I never got an error message saying that there was a problem with the installation. Discovered the error by chance comparing the DVD .nks file sizes to what was showing up on my hard drive. That's when I suspected there was a problem.)
    John, Plainfield, NJ

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