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Topic: Upgrading CPU?

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    Upgrading CPU?

    I am planning to upgrade my CPU from Intel P4/3.0GHz/533FSB into the P4 Extreme Edition 3.4GHz. (cause they are getting cheap nowadays)
    My concerns here are:
    • Do I need to reinstall my windows again after the CPU replacement?
    • Would it be a problem with my music hardware & software that require registration & authorization? Ex: UAD-1, Creamware cards, USB dongle synchrosoft licensed applications, etc
    • any other……

    Are all the hassle worth the performance different?



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    Re: Upgrading CPU?

    its a simple drop in and go. no change to anything in windows!

    not worth the money to me however.
    thats such a slow processor compared to todays new ones.

    the boost would be nominal. (10%)


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