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Topic: Vielklang automated SATB parts

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    Vielklang automated SATB parts

    Has anyone tried this one out?


    It claims to be able to generate SATB parts from a single voice, and to do so in a way that takes into account voice-leading.
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    Re: Vielklang automated SATB parts

    Yes, I have it. It outputs up to three additional voices (being four in total). You can select the key and scale and let the rest be done by the software, if you wish. It has an automatic mode (they call it intelligent) that analyzes the original melody and harmonizes it following traditional, or "classical" rules. But if you are firm with harmonies you can edit everything to your liking. It has some similarites with Melodyne, if you know that software, though it is not the same. Like Melodyne, you can also route the individual voices to MIDI tracks, thus letting several or all voices be played by synths. If you play around with it, you can do realy crazy things (that was the reason I bougth it). Soundwise, if you expect true SATB realism from one single voice, you may be dissapointed, though.


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    Re: Vielklang automated SATB parts

    What are some of the important features of this product that make it stand out from Melodyne? I'm guessing the real-time harmonization is the biggest one, but otherwise, it looks like I can do everything that this program can do in Melodyne. Please correct me if I'm wrong!


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    Re: Vielklang automated SATB parts

    Alex, you are right. Melodyne is of course the king when it comes to manipulating audio. And you can do everything with Melodyne (and much more), vielklang can do. But the approach of vielklang is somehow different, in that you can save up to 32 snapshots, everyone with another harmonization and/or another region of the audio file you've loaded into it, and play them in realtime via MIDI. One can imagine what can be done with this feature - it's very fast and very different from Melodyne in this sense. As I said, to me, it's more a tool for experimenting and inspiration. If you are not interested in this feature and have Melodyne, you won't need it.

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    Re: Vielklang automated SATB parts

    Well I'd never heard of Melodyne either, but I see they also have a demo. So we'll see if I have time this weekend to experiment with them. At this point it sounds like vielklang's main plus is that it will generate the parts for you ... but then what it generates may not be usable, and certainly won't turn a single voice into a realistic choir. Both of them (from the audio examples on their websites) sound like they're at their best for adding a single harmony a third above the main vocal line. Anyone else want to post links to examples you've made?
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    Re: Vielklang automated SATB parts

    I should have posted a warning thread. They are not an advertizer here but a frequent google ad due to word matching. I downloaded the demo onto mac, then a popup would appear in front of GPO, JABB, Finale, Logic, Midi apps, etc., pretty much anything that had to do with sound or music. The popup, which you would have to respond to before using any app, would have three choices to click, "Buy", "OK", or "Yes" which takes you to the zplane website.

    I did not find that very amusing.

    It was not installed in applications, so can't unistall by dropping app in trashhcan (Macs method for uninstalling software). To do an uninstall, i had to a search for several folders and .component with the name Veilklang on them. After I trashcanned those folders, i had no sound in any music apps and had to reinstall OSX, because a reinstall of sound drivers did not help.

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    Re: Vielklang automated SATB parts

    Oh boy. That rules that one out. Thanks for advising Leaf.
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    Re: Vielklang automated SATB parts

    Quote Originally Posted by Leaf
    The popup, which you would have to respond to before using any app, would have three choices to click, "Buy", "OK", or "Yes" which takes you to the zplane website.

    I did not find that very amusing.
    Neither would I. But as it is a free demo, the popup appearing in applications that use plugins is not that unusal, is it? Of the three buttons, label Reg., Buy, and Ok, the Buy button indeed takes you to the webshop (which is not really a surprise, I would think); the Reg button opens the registration dialog, and the Ok button closes the popup.
    If this does not work for you as it should, it might be a bug and we would have been glad to hear about that problem to be able fix it.

    vielklang neither is malware nor contains any malware, and during the (Mac) installation process, only four files are installed: the AU and VST version of the plugin, the manual, and a preferences file.

    Alexander (zplane)

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    Re: Vielklang automated SATB parts

    Just an opinion of an early adopter: Vielklang is different from Melodyne in many ways. Its basic window looks similar though, that's why I also thought it is Melodyne like. However, it offers automated harmony creation, and that's its biggest plus. Basically, it adds harmonies based on the analyzed vocals without the need to input any notes. You can change the harmonies if you wish, but the automatically produced harmonies (based on selectable scales) are better than what I would usually come up with - and it is a lot of fun to play around with them.

    It is by no means producing a perfect background choir, but that's something you wouldn't be able to do with any of the current software without major editing. If you need quick choirs to sketch a song, though, it is fantastic, and it is also a great source for inspiration and experimentation. Furthermore, the developers are very responsive in their forums and via eMail, and they plan quite a few good enhancements in the next update (and given their reaction time to bug reports, I have no doubt they will include all of the planned stuff).

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    Re: Vielklang automated SATB parts

    Oh, so maybe vielklang is okay after all. Anyway I just bought Melodyne. Here's how it sounds so far. WARNING: Those of a sensitive disposition should avoid listening to this. I've got one of those voices that even after pitch correction still sounds out of tune! http://www.box.net/shared/stbqmf2z01
    Vista / Sonar Home Studio 6 / GPO 2d edition / Melodyne Uno 1.8

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