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Topic: Yet Another Upgrade Question

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    Yet Another Upgrade Question

    Hi guys,

    I want to get my GPO / K2 player up to date and reading through all the previous posts this seems to be an area that has caused much confusion ( I myself am confused by the distinction between library and player updates - I can't seem to find info making this distinction in all the supporting download info)

    Am I correct in thinking that ALL updates to both the GPO library & Kontakt are in the same place ie the Native Instruments page (I'm just concerned that I might miss an importan tupdate downloadeable direct from Garritan) If this is correct, is it just a matter of doing the following -

    1. Update GPO KP to
    2. Get GPO KP2 serial
    3. Run GPO KP 2.2.2 Win Update
    4. Run KP2 2.2.3 Update

    or can I forget the point 1. bearing in mind I'm going up to KP2.
    Also is it important that I install all updates to a particular place on my hard drive ? I'm using Cubase 4 btw, a recent upgrade in itself but GPO currently works fine in there.

    many thanks in advance


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    Re: Yet Another Upgrade Question

    Hi Rooks-

    I'm one of the guys on another thread that is also having problems. I anxiously wait to hear what the experts tell you , and I hope they can spell it out in clear terms.


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    Re: Yet Another Upgrade Question

    Here is what I did two days ago and had no problems.

    (This was a re-installation because of a multitude of problems)

    Re-installed Personal Orchestra from the DVD. (which uses Kontakt Player 1)

    You do not need to update to the player. (I didn't)

    Get your new serial # for Player 2

    Download the 2.2.2

    Register it

    Then download the update 2.2.3.

    Of course none of this means it will work for you.
    If you have missing instruments when you try to play them. Contact me I'll explain in depth what it might be!)
    John, Plainfield, NJ

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