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Topic: something in the wind. (classical horns)

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    something in the wind. (classical horns)

    This is a french horn quartet, with GPO horns. Please give a listen and comment.
    Thanks -Jay

    UPDATE: 7-26-07/7:00pm, based on suggestions, I have increased the volume of the lower frequencies and backed off some of the reverb.


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    Re: something in the wind. (classical horns)

    I get a lot of crackling and digital distortion in this file. Check it please.

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: something in the wind. (classical horns)

    Hmmm... no crackling or distortion here.

    Very nice horn writing! The voice leading and counterpoint sounded very well constructed, something I definitely need more practice in. Good work with these harmonious horns! Thanks for sharing.
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: something in the wind. (classical horns)

    hi larry, I listened to this mp3 at home and at work, and I did not hear any crackling or distrortion. I guess I don't know what to say, but it sounds ok to me. Thanks for trying listen anyway.

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    Re: something in the wind. (classical horns)

    Thanks Sean. I was trying to make smooth movements between harmonic changes. I am glad that you did not hear the distortion either. I was beginning to wonder what was going on.

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    Re: something in the wind. (classical horns)


    this is very nice, I enjoyed it!

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    Senior Member rayzalaf's Avatar
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    Re: something in the wind. (classical horns)


    Nice! composition and performance except for:
    too much reverb on the lower frequencies, needs dampened.
    too even volume on held notes. In Cubase I would simply draw the expression control in with a pencil dipping it in the middle of long notes as if the musician was turning away slightly then back. If you use only notation perhaps this doesn't mean a lot to you.


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    Re: something in the wind. (classical horns)

    Nicely done. As a horn player there aren't a lot of horn pieces I hear that I actually think sound good and would also be playable by real horns - this one is a welcomed exception. My only concern is a few of the highest notes (sound like they are in the written horn pitch of high A or B?) mihgt be so high that the blend would be difficult.

    I do think the recording could use a bit more of the bass horn parts to achieve a better balance against the top part(s).

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    Re: something in the wind. (classical horns)

    This is a pleasant surprise, yes not enough horn pieces posted i agree. I love horns and there is lots of good stuf in this piece. I was not even a minute into listening before quickly deciding to download to my desktop, and continued listening confirmed this was a very good choice the make. Very nice work, Jay!


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    Re: something in the wind. (classical horns)

    Wonderful work Jay!

    I love the French horns. Such a rich, instrument.

    The melody was absolutely delightful, A charming portrait filled with warmth and grace, yet separate from the typical regal fanfare.

    and the choice of reverb gives the impression of a grand Cathedral setting. (was this intended?)

    My only critique is the base volume which seems a touch too low. Perhaps simply raising the volumes on the Base track (at key times during their solo) could tie in together.

    Excellent work Jay! ... such a pleasure to listen to.


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