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Topic: 3 steps backward

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    3 steps backward

    I've been on this forum for probably 5 full days now over the past month. I appreciate the answers people are giving but I have to rant that the upgrade to Kontact 2 is a disaster for me. I've been around and around with NI registration.. I can't, it won't, I have all the numbers, what more does it want?
    I've had GPO for a few years and used it extensively.
    Using GPO in OS X Tracktion, it now won't recognize any but a few files if any at all. The GPO interface is acting weird and won't load. I've moved files, unloaded, reloaded and now my original disks seem to be damaged.
    The answers are probably in these forums but gee what a way to have a product work. I've got 4 forums open at once each with different directions on how to work around problems. Quite frankly, I get so frustrated, I'd rather start spending money on things that work. Even if I do manage to authorize Kontakt 2, it seems I can't use GPO in it ?
    Sorry to be so negative...

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    Re: 3 steps backward

    I'd recommend contacting Gary Garritan especially regarding the damaged disks.


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    Re: 3 steps backward

    The third try through the disks loaded OK. The original interface is still acting odd in Tracktion. It won't stay still to load anything, literally it moves away and out of range. Never had that before. Oh well, but closer.

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    Re: 3 steps backward

    OK, I can launch the old standalone of GPO and get sound. In Tracktion, if I launch the Kontakt 2 but the files no matter how I search will not be found. Launching the old GPO and the program basically doesn't work, I can't load anything because it won't even give me a load option.

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    Re: 3 steps backward

    KP2 confusion continues, with contradictory, incomplete info spread out all over the Forums, and no clear-cut explanation in one location - I sympathize taiqi, and hope that sooner rather than later, all issues are resolved for you and other people having similar problems.

    Randy B.
    (still using KP1)

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    1 step backward

    Does anyone have a clear link how to get my original Garritan instruments into my Tracktion Kontakt player? I know there was a discussion somewhere but I can't find it now.
    It's pretty discouraging to see my first post was almost a year ago. Now I have Tracktion running GPO but with the smaller file set.

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