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Topic: "Here I Am" - my Challenge 13 entry -for the archives!

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    "Here I Am" - my Challenge 13 entry -for the archives!

    Over on the General Discussion Forum, our friend Raymond in The Hague brought up an interesting thing.

    He mentioned that he hadn't heard my winning entry for Garritan Challenge #13. In fact, he hadn't heard any of the entries, because he was very busy during that time period.

    It made me think of how but maybe it's kind of odd that after the event, the entries aren't posted here in The Listening Room which is normally the only place where we hear each other's music.

    It's been great that here in the LR, some people have posted their alternate, simpler versions of the orchestrations they did for C13. The rest of the entries, though, are dissolving into the mists of the General Discussion Archives where one doesn't expect to find music posts.

    So, here, maybe we can start doing this. I'm posting my winning entry so it can be more easily found. I think at least the winning entries for all the Challenges should be posted here, but even better would be for All entries to be posted for posterity.

    You've probably all heard this already, so I don't expect to be starting a thread.

    But, at least for the record, the archives, here's what I did with Roberto's off-beat theme which was really a fun challenge to work with.

    Randy B.

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    Re: "Here I Am" - my Challenge 13 entry -for the archives!

    Impressive interpretation Randy.

    I think your idea is great - I have never been successful in finding the challenges and if we could have a thread for each challenge that includes the original theme and each of the submissions it would be great. Even if it was a closed thread. It would be nice to know how many votes each piece received, but that is only for curiosity.

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    Re: "Here I Am" - my Challenge 13 entry -for the archives!

    Hi, Alan - Thanks!

    What happens is that the voting threads in General Discussion which say "It's time to vote for..." end up being the repository of the entries. To have a wrap-up thread would be good, and for it to cross-over here into The Listening Room seems appropriate. Without something like that, it becomes pretty obscure who entered, what the entries were, who won etc.

    In case it helps for this time around, I'm adding Roberto "Old Bob"s MIDI file of the theme for #13:


    AND, in moderator Sean Hannifin's signature is the link to his Challenge Archives which have the themes, entries, vote tallies listed. That's great, but not everyone can find that info as easily as if it was right here on the Forum pages:


    Hope a lot of people are having fun working with the current Challenge theme which I posted in General Discussion!

    Randy B.

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    Re: "Here I Am" - my Challenge 13 entry -for the archives!

    Ok Randy, let's collect all of the winning entries, here is my entry #12...


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    Re: "Here I Am" - my Challenge 13 entry -for the archives!

    What a treat!

    I admit I haven't the time to listen to all of the challenges, but I think it's a great idea to post some of these (at least the winning submission) in the listening room.

    Very Imaginative work, Randy!
    Although the form is much different from your usual submissions, I can recognize elements of your style.
    This challenge sounded like a tough one... but you pulled it off wonderfully!

    Terrific work, Roberto!
    As always your skills shine through. the buildup around 2:20 was outstanding!



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    Re: "Here I Am" - my Challenge 13 entry -for the archives!

    Great, Roberto - Glad you posted your winning entry for #12.

    This is ending up a mixed-thread, but that's OK. It's a start. Hopefully we'll establish something more organized, so that following the end of a Challenge, there'll be an archival type post in the Listening Room with the theme and the entries - a duplication of what Sean keeps at his Challenge Archive, but placed here more publicly so people can more easily find the music done for the events.

    And, Jeff, thanks for the thumbs up on my winning orchestration. The form was indeed unusual, as dictated by Roberto's difficult theme. In my entry, after first stating what he wrote, I quickly moved into retrogrades and inversions, repetitions, - I really put the raw material through a meat grinder to come up with what I did. hehe.

    Your reply proves again what I suspected, that even very active regular members like you don't always hear the Challenges.

    Your reply also underlines why it'd be helpful if people keep their Challenge entries to no more than 2 or 3 minutes in length. If they're all of that length, more people will feel they have the time to stop for a moment to take a listen.

    With the hundreds of active members here, there just Has to be a way to encourage more than 30 or so people to listen and vote on these Challenges.

    Randy B.

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    Re: "Here I Am" - my Challenge 13 entry -for the archives!

    Not a bad idea at all, there, Randy; why shouldn't the Challenge
    pieces find their way into the Listening Room? I'm always a
    little dismayed, I must say, that the Challenge threads don't
    get quite so much attention as one would wish...

    Loved this cut, by the way; both the musical treatment --
    definitely Bowser, but wow, what a twist to it; as well as the
    sophistication of the production of this... really great job on it!

    My best,


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