Hey All,

TASCAM recently released an update to the GVI engine, fixing issues with loading GVI-Powered instruments like the Wavelore American Zither in various hosts.

In addition to incorporating the new engine, we have updated the library with a couple of small (but hopefully useful) bonuses for our customers:

1) The inclusion of the Free Wavelore Slide Whistle (hitherto available only as a GS3/GVI instrument) in the WLAZ interface. Just load it from the same menu as the Zither. If anyone (WLAZ user or not) is interested in this instrument, it can be downloaded here.

2) A gift, reserved exclusively for American Zither users, Four small hand drums: Small Darbuka, Smaller Darbuka, Small Bongo, Smaller Bongo. These instruments use 8-16 way round robin for repetitions, and the DEF filter in velocity-sensitive mode for morphing of the round robin samples through a continuous range of dynamics.

Interested parties can consult: http://www.wavelore.com/support.shtml (at the bottom, in the updates area).

We hope these versatile little add-ons will help you get the most out of the new-and-improved GVI engine!

Mark Belbin
Wavelore Instruments