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    whats up guys, I just bought east west gold edition and i'm having trouble with matching up my tracks with there respective sample. I write everything in finale and then export the MIDI to my sequencer to use the EW samples. When i go to input my samples in the kompakt player they dont match up with the MIDI. sometimes i won't get any sound out of it because it's not in the "right" spot or another instrument will end up playing that MIDI file instead that is supposed to be playing something else. What is it that i'm missing?

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    Re: playback...

    couldn't you use the EW samples in Finale then load up your midi file and carefully go through each instrument? Make sure each instrument is on the right midi channel for your VST Kompakt instruments.
    But really that's not enough.

    In other words your going to need to input the CC info and use the modwheel or some controller to control each instrument seperately for each melodic and harmonic material in the score. Horns sustaining? They will still need some Modwheel action and swelling in the middle.

    So even if you loaded up your midi piece had each track on the right midi channel for each instrument and used the EW sounds, it's going to sound like Dung until you take it to the next level with CC's and real time recording for those. ^_-
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    Re: playback...

    is there a tutorial on using EW sounds in Finale?

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