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Topic: It's Friday O!

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    It's Friday O!

    It's Friday O! The two and seven
    Where's my Concert/Marching heaven?
    In the mail or "R and D?"
    Please, dear Gary, send it to me.

    I check these boards both night and day,
    I've even entered in the fray;
    Had ups and downs and smiles and frowns
    From music folk in woods and towns.

    But what I haven't seen or heard
    Is something from "that little bird"
    That tells me "it" is on the way
    Maybe someday. Someday? Someday!

    Well, "someday's" here, I want it now!
    The mailman fears I'll have a cow!
    If in the box it "don't" appear!
    I've waited almost half a year!


    Whew. Now I'm calm, my rant is done.
    I look forward to the fun
    I'll have when on my porch I see
    A CB/MB just for me.

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    Re: It's Friday O!

    Dear Mr. Clark
    the future's not dark
    For the band will be here
    so don't shed a tear

    July's a bust
    perhaps August
    Awaiting the master
    just wish NI was faster

    You'll have your reward
    and strike a nice chord
    CMB is your fate
    It will be worth the wait

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    Re: It's Friday O!

    O! Mr. G. I do not cry
    I know you're true! And therefore I
    Will bide my time with G.P.O.
    Until the bands are full on "go."

    I mix my brass with overlays
    And tweak my drums for days and days
    I love the way the woodwinds feel
    While I modulate the magic wheel.

    As I unfold its mysteries
    Your G.P.O. makes histories
    In future times it shall be known
    What ground you've broke; what seeds you've sown.

    So to the future I do look
    And read my Harry Potter book
    And am not frighted by the "ghost"
    I look for daily in the Post!

    When it arrives, all new and grand
    My cries will fly across the land
    "It's here! It's here!" will be the call
    As I rush in to start "install."

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