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Topic: K2 update for GPO - the point?

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    K2 update for GPO - the point?

    Well, I think I'm gonna reinstall GPO after a 6 month abstinence from the lib.

    I noticed there's a K2 update for GPO.

    What's the point of it? I can't find any readily available info (and by readily available, I mean without having to look further than one or two pages into any of the websites in question - NI, Garritan, etc).

    Are previous library updates included, or do I need to get the 1.83 or whatever update from the K1 version in order to update the instruments?

    Are there programming enhancements, maybe...? What's the point, man?! WHAT'S THE POINT??

    I mean, is it basically a UB thing (which doesn't apply to me, as I'm on PC).

    I run everything out of Kontakt 2 anyway, but I'm just curious. And I do want those library updates to bring everything up to speed, so if I gotta get that old K1 update from a couple years ago, I will. But if it could all be done from a single update - even better.


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    Re: K2 update for GPO - the point?

    KP2 is in most ways a superior player to KP1.5. The greatest advantages are that you can load sixteen instruments instead of eight and that all Garritan instruments (GPO, JaBB, Stradivarius, Gofriller, Garritan Instruments for Finale, and most future releases) can be loaded into the same Kontakt Player.

    However, there is a very irksome bug that makes the timpani (and, I think, harp) sound very poor. It's as if the velocity is ramped way up by default, and velocity as a controller is than based on volume only. Supposedly, these bugs will be fixed by a Garritan library update very soon.

    I'm not sure, but if you're using the full Kontakt 2 without problem, then there's little reason to install the GPO/JABB KP2 updates until they are fixed. 1.1.83 is very important though, and includes many fixes, improvements and alterations.

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    Re: K2 update for GPO - the point?

    Cool. More or less what I thought - that the KP2 update was optional (especially if running Kontakt 2), but the necessary library updates are still relevant and only included in the 1.1.83 update.

    I guess there'll be a KP2 library update rather shortly, though. I'll keep an eye out!

    Many thanks.


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    Re: K2 update for GPO - the point?

    if it aint broke....
    fix it till it is

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