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Topic: My first Logic score page composition

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    My first Logic score page composition

    Hi everyone. I have been admiring all the wonderful and diverse music here for a while and thought I would join in. I decided to learn the art and craft of film music composition so 2 weeks ago I began to learn Logic's score page. Since I didn't know anything about what to do on the score page I searched and found the Principles of Orchestration Online course. (I now know the components of an orchestra, hooray!) This piece was created while I was working through the Logic manual and the Rimsky-Korsakov course. It's funny how one thing leads to another and how at every step of the way I discover a new area of expertise that I am sorely lacking in, most recently harmony.

    I had to narrow down the variables in my study, so all instuments are coming from my Proteus Virtuoso Orchestral module. The file is simply a 2 track recording of the modules SP/DIF out. (Future compositions will feature Garritan instruments, I promise!) Anyways, this is where I'm at in this learning process.

    Enjoy (or cringe) http://northernsounds.com/forum/imag...es/biggrin.gif


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    Re: My first Logic score page composition

    Hey, Jetplane

    Sounds to me like you're expanding by leaps and bounds - Just a couple weeks in and you've come up with this!

    In its brief playing time, there are a Lot of musical ideas here, and there's quite a degree of sophistication. It doesn't have a shape really, and sometimes is sounding rather random, but it's always moving forward, and is also always interesting -STops suddenly. It's unfinished? A fragment?

    I don't know what the limitations of Logic are, but I recall a recent post somewhere explaining that there are more limitations with Logic than most DAWs, for some reasons I'm not clear about. But you have GPO - it will work in Logic I do believe?

    In any case, this is so much More than what I expected after reading your post earlier in reply to Jaques where you explained that your background is rock and you're itching to expand. You are definitely in Expanding mode - It's exciting!

    P.S. edit: I forgot to say - It's funny how your smiley insert turned into a visible URL. You must've done something more than what you need to do-which is just to have your cursor where you want it, then you click on the smiley you want.

    Randy B.

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    Re: My first Logic score page composition

    Hey Jetplane,
    A terrific start here! The best thing you have done for yourself is acknowledged your limitations and pursued knowledge of the orchestra which leads to understanding through experience. Your on a well traveled road! I noticed your exploration in instrument groupings, different mood techniques, articulations, and melodic coloring to be very expressive but short lived. These are good guides to learn and implement to even greater heights in future works that I'm sure your bound to achieve next!

    Thank you for sharing and keeping us updated.

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    Re: My first Logic score page composition

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the inspiring words. Randy, the section that sounds "rather random" is actually me trying to do something abstract! Without the proper background I'm really just guessing at harmonisations. The "piece" is really just a few random doodlings I did back to back on Logic's score page while going through the orchestration course. It's not really intended to be finished.

    As far as the exploration in instrument groupings, Michael, this comes directly from the course examples. This is such an amazing resource, with it's built in score player with moving red bar-line it beats any paper text; it opened my eyes to the possibilities inherent in computer based education.

    I promise to keep you in the loop; my next piece will showcase what I hope to learn about harmony. And I will use GPO of coarse! (yes GPO works in logic)

    Ok, let me try this smilie thing again,

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    Re: My first Logic score page composition

    Jet, there's some really great material in this! And the
    rendering, likewise, is coming along great.

    By all means, get back in there and continue work on
    this, my friend -- you've got all the raw materials of
    a fine composition lined up and ready to go to work.

    My best,


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    Re: My first Logic score page composition

    I agree. Some really nice sounding passages in there! Keep going.

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    Re: My first Logic score page composition

    Wow, there is truly some excellent material here! You have many delightful orchestration ideas, many of which could develop into pieces of their own later... I especially love that mysterious harp doodling around 1:06. I'm very excited to think about what you will compose in the future with already such wonderful ideas here... keep it up!
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    Re: My first Logic score page composition

    Lots of mysterious ideas unfolding one after the other and each a great start for another composition or one that contains all... Keep it going!

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