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Topic: A very late song for Spring-Gofriller etc

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    A very late song for Spring-Gofriller etc

    Hi! This is a piece I did back in the spring and for some reason I kept submitting other songs and sort of forgot about this. It is mostly piano and Cello (Gofriller) with orchestral stuff here and there.

    Spring was very welcome this year as what we had of winter was very cold (but much shorter than usual - flowers were starting to bloom in early January which is usually the dead of winter for us-very confused plants -then it got really cold and ouch ... (chalk one up for Al Gore! )

    I don't know if the voices add or take away from the piece. I will leave that up to you all.

    As usual - any comments suggestions are welcome!


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    Re: A very late song for Spring-Gofriller etc

    What a wonderful composition and very well done arranging!

    Very good, Del!

    My Best

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    Re: A very late song for Spring-Gofriller etc

    It's a very calming and soothing arrangement. I like the sound of your cello. I have to be honest about the voices since you mentioned it, for me, they sound a bit out of place, but certainly not unpleasant.... This is a really beautiful piece .
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
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    Re: A very late song for Spring-Gofriller etc

    Good morning, Del

    Spring never lasts long enough, so it was wonderful to feel the magic of that season again with your sweet, very evocative piece in tribute to that special time of year.

    The piece sounds like new beginnings, new life, flowers sprouting, sunshine heating the winter-toughened soil. It sounds - like Spring!

    The recording of your composition sounded totally successful to me also.

    You asked about the voices, wondering if they add or take away. I thought they were fine in the restrained manner you have them in the mix.

    There's been quite a bit of discussion on various threads about chorus samples, since we're all anxiously awaiting the Garritan Choir, and are having to use other sound sources in the meantime. It seems like most of us know that there's just a slight adjustment we need to make when we hear choirs being used - The samples never sound totally convincing, but that shouldn't stop us from scoring things that include voice - And so it was for me here. They were fine, and a good choice for your composition. And especially because you used them subtly, they worked well, I thought.

    Thank you very much for the lovely music!

    Randy B.

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    Re: A very late song for Spring-Gofriller etc

    Hi Del,
    It's a beautiful piece! Well written and I find all instruments working well together, including the voices. (Btw, which sound is that?)
    What to my ears could be improved is the general balance between all instruments so that they all harmonize together to express the joy of spring, while giving each one its special moment to shine.

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    Re: A very late song for Spring-Gofriller etc

    Well, I am in Australia, so this is early for spring!

    What a lovely piece, and so evocative.

    I think the voices work really well in the tasteful you have used them.

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    Re: A very late song for Spring-Gofriller etc

    I liked this very much. The modal, drone soundin parts of it were put together very well. It made me think of spring.

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    Re: A very late song for Spring-Gofriller etc


    This is very beautiful. I have to admit, it didn't evoke spring for me, as it seemed more wistful; but no matter, it is a lovely piece. Superbly realized, balanced, and reverbed (is that a word?) - this is a complete package. There is a simplicity here that feels very natural - something that is hard to achieve; it feels very genuine and sweet (if a little wistful...).

    Thanks for posting this.
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: A very late song for Spring-Gofriller etc

    The voices sounded very nice in my opinion. And, wow, that cello always amazes me. Very nice work with this. Did you play the piano for it? I love the sound you achieved.
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: A very late song for Spring-Gofriller etc

    Hi Del,

    Lovely piece of music here whatever the season.
    Nice mix, although I would perhaps delay the vibrato a little more on the cello to pull the heart strings a bit more.

    My Best


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