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Topic: Having problems stacking instruments

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    Having problems stacking instruments

    Hello eveyone, I'm new to GS3 & this forum, Please can anyone help ? I'm trying to stack instuments in a MIDI channel, I'm double clicking an distributed wave with MIDI channel 1 already highlighted,distributed wave keyboard appears,then enabling the 'stack instruments on active midi channel' button, then double clicking another distributed wave into same channel, another distributed wave keyboard appears. The problem is it seems to have replaced the 1st sound, It doesnt stack in MIDI channel 1 as I would like to layer both sounds & edit them differently in quickedit but playing them both at same time, assigned to same key, please can anyone help ?

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    Re: Having problems stacking instruments

    Try holding the Ctrl button down. Then drag the second/third/fourth instruments to the target channels and drop 'em in place. Then release the Crtl button.

    Maybe a Ctrl double-click will also work. I usually ctrl-drag-n-drop.

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    Re: Having problems stacking instruments

    Thanks for your reply Jon Fairhurst, its much appreciated.

    The wave samples can now be placed in the same distributed wave keyboard without replacing the 1st distributed wave, it loads different distributed waves on different notes on the distributed wave keyboard.

    Is it possible to layer distributed waves so I hear them play at the same time, on the same note on the keyboard, in the same port 1 channel 1, being able to change volume, pan etc of each individual sound, just like how a stacked instrument can be modified ?


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    Re: Having problems stacking instruments

    I'm not sure. I haven't used distributed wave in years.

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