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Topic: Modern Western Idea (rediscovered piece)

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    Modern Western Idea (rediscovered piece)

    Hi everyone,

    THis is one of the first i did with GPO and is a basically a western theme idea with a modern twist. I found it while cleaning out my pc a few days ago!


    Its all with GPO apartfrom the bass drum kick ( a magix sample) and a snare hit on beats 2 and 4 later in. the snare rolls and rhythm is using the GPO's snare. Also used a pad effect at the start, but i forget where it came from.

    hope you like it, please criticize!



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    Re: Modern Western Idea (rediscovered piece)

    Hey Ben,
    Nothing to criticize here! I'm glad this post didn't drop any further then it had! This is excellent! It starts off so dreamy; then the trumpet enters to announce your western-like theme. One of the best renderings of the GPO trumpet I've heard. Sounded very real! Then the explosion of the modern drums was outstanding and extremely effective! I could see the riders on their horses! Wonderful! Thank you for sharing this one. Anymore in that PC of yours?

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    Re: Modern Western Idea (rediscovered piece)

    Hi, Ben - Big DITTO to what Michael said. This sounds great--OH man, but it ended way too soon. I wanted to wait for Clint Eastwood to come galloping up - with a boom box strapped to his horse.

    Really clever blending of the GPO Snare rolls with the Magix samples. Really clever throughout the whole all-too-brief piece!

    What's the deal? You write stuff like this and then Forget about it? whew--To be so prolific that I forget cool stuff like this!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Modern Western Idea (rediscovered piece)

    "I wanted to wait for Clint Eastwood to come galloping up - with a boom box strapped to his horse."

    lol, that something I'l love to see!

    Thanks for taking the time to listen rbowser and michael, much appreciated! This piece got lost deep in my folder system when I was just trying out ideas, hence it being so short, before moving on to doing work for a student film....but i thought it might be worth sharing here as its a little different!

    Michael, there are a few other things i found in the same folder, but they will have to wait to be posted! I cant remember doing anything special to the trumpet, just put plenty of reverb and let it free! We've got to thank the Master Gary Garritan for such great sounding instruments!

    thanks again guys!


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    Re: Modern Western Idea (rediscovered piece)

    A very interesting take on a western theme. It started off kind of like a spaghetti western sound track( which I liked) and then morphed into something different (which I also liked). I liked your concept of the whole thing.

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    Re: Modern Western Idea (rediscovered piece)

    A very good beginning with GPO!

    Hello Ben,

    I like your Modern Western Idea, enjoyed to listen to!


    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

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    Re: Modern Western Idea (rediscovered piece)

    Thanks Jay and Gunther, glad you enjoyed it! I often tend to morph from one feel to another quite soon as i sometimes find it hard to maintain one feel for a long period of time!

    THanks again!


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    Re: Modern Western Idea (rediscovered piece)

    Ben, the solo trumpet work through the first two-thirds
    of this is absolutely gorgeous (I see you like to give
    the trumpet player a little exercise nearer to heaven,
    just like I do... rofl). And the transitional work into the
    more energetic latter section is very well done -- strong,
    clean, seamless transitions like that are among the
    harder things to do well.

    Again, I'd like to hear you take this one further!

    My best,


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