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Topic: OT: Wall-2-Wall Action/Fight Music

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    OT: Wall-2-Wall Action/Fight Music

    This weekend I completed my most high-energy, wall to wall action/fight music to date. I've done trailers in the past, but this was a high-intensity narrative piece, rather than just a flashy series of images and swish booms.


    After a short, light woodwind & pizz cue (Westgate Modular legato flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon & Appassionata Cello/Violin), the house starts rockin'.

    Strings are Appassionata. The bot scene at the end uses staccato V1/V2/Vla repeats - not the typical sweeping stuff. There is a bit of pizz here and there. The body includes the signature Appassionata legato sustain sound.

    Brass includes Westgate Solo Horn legato (3 voices), 4 Horn crescendo and fp crescendo. All other brass is the VSL-GS3 Orchestra stuff. For ensembles, I layer the staccato and mod-wheel sustain for good real-time expression.

    Percussion is a mashup: Sam Timpani, Larry Seyer snare, G-Town cymbals, VSL-GS3 bass drum, Doru Malaia Odaiko.

    Everything was sequenced in Sonar, mixed in Vegas and placed with GigaPulse. Izotope multi-band compression and limiting was used for the web master.

    Oh, and my son did the sound effects. Fun stuff!

    I'm especially happy with being able to grow the intensity. The biggest challenge was to floor the gas pedal, and still have a bit acceleration left for the end.


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    Re: OT: Wall-2-Wall Action/Fight Music

    Yo, great job there jon! That's some really funny stuff, btw, and your very professional music really adds a lot to the films.

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    Re: OT: Wall-2-Wall Action/Fight Music

    Thanks for the kudos!

    Tom, I'll have to give WIVI a close listen. Epic horns would be fun too. (But where are the Epic trumpets, trombones and tubas to match?) And, yeah the legato strings aren't all that forward in this Webisode. Next week alien Jennifer Government should arrive in the Nick-of-Time ship. I expect to give her a good dose of romantic strings.

    Sam, it's been really fun to bring pseudo-professional music to a weekly web series. I have yet to find any other site in the world doing what Colonel Crush does. For weekly stuff there's askaninja.com, but it's more of a vlog, and there's buddyjackson.com (they're between seasons), but it's more of a sitcom/dramedy.

    Ern, just last night we watched Casino Royale. It seems that they're redesigning Bond to be a sadistic badazz, kinda like Jack Bauer in '24'. It's good to know that our Crush parodies are keeping up with the times.

    Nathan gets credit for the sound design. He combined coffee beans and spaghetti sounds to get the final gooshy sound effects. (Ick!)

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    Re: OT: Wall-2-Wall Action/Fight Music

    Hi Tom,

    Earlier today I went to the Wallander site and listened to some demos. Nice stuff! Lots of variety and potential. That it doesn't take much RAM is really nice. That could expand my single-pass palette.

    Then again, later in the day I was looking at some video camera reviews. We'd love to upgrade. Decisions, decisions...

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    Re: OT: Wall-2-Wall Action/Fight Music

    I must echo what Tom says about WIVI. It is the best brass I have ever heard/used. I have only used the trial; it is very good. Give it a try.

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    Re: OT: Wall-2-Wall Action/Fight Music

    VSL has a close out sale going and you can get Epic Horns real cheap. That one is hard to beat.

    John, i had a good time watching your video. My favourite part was when the Russian says ''tell Leshia i love her'' and then splash! I also like how dum the hero is!...

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    Re: OT: Wall-2-Wall Action/Fight Music

    Quote Originally Posted by geronimo001
    I also like how dum the hero is!...
    You've discovered the Invincible Power of Colonel Crush! If he doesn't know that he needs ammo to shoot a gun, then his gun can shoot forever without ammo. If he doesn't know that he will get hurt when shot at point blank range, he can't get shot!

    Crush truly proves that "what you don't know won't hurt you!"

    Regarding WIVI, if the on-site demos don't do it justice, look out! I'll listen further...

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