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Topic: The world has let its children down- remix

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    The world has let its children down- remix

    I have taken a second crack at this song. Thank you for all the feedback. This is shortened, widened, deepened and simplified. Please let me know your thoughts. PS- still feels grainy and harsh to me. How do I warm this up?
    All thoughts appreciated...

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    Re: The world has let its children down- remix

    Hey Sunny,
    OK a great new mix! Better, definitely better. As far as this genre is concerned, I feel it sounds extremely professional and the music and structure seem very coherent. As far as "warming it up" I have some thoughts: Maybe use a string section instead of a solo string for a thicker, soothing sound. Try and layer some background instruments - what instruments? not sure - something to slightly outline the chord structure to give depth. Also, you have great vocal harmonies - try using them in other areas like the verses but in a lower register and further back in the recording.

    I hope I helped a bit

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    Re: The world has let its children down- remix

    I agree about the strings. If done right they can work wonders for rock.

    Listen to David Bowie's The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars. His guitarist, the late great Mick Ronson arranged the strings on this album.


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    Re: The world has let its children down- remix

    Sweeeeet. Nice work here! I dont know the original but i certainly like this! Id agree wth the others, use a string section with perhaps a little more subtle reverb, and perhaps even support it with a firm perc organ or other synth sounded thats a little more round in sound (as youve already got an organ in the mix)... just a suggestion anyway...

    Great mix though, how did you do the kit? Is that using JABB or a drum module?

    Really liked this, well done!

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    Re: The world has let its children down- remix

    Hey there, Sunny

    It's great to see you back with a new mix of your tune. I remember we had a good thread going on the first version.

    Ditto all the above - that this sounds better than ever. It's ready for the big time, I'd say. Certainly is catchy and pop with its strongly implanted hook, and the production sounds great.

    Also ditto on the idea of using a large string ensemble instead of the solo instrument. That could really make this soar.


    Randy B.

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    Re: The world has let its children down- remix

    Sunny, I liked this a great deal first time I heard it; and
    on a relisten, I still think it's a hell of a good piece of work.
    But you know what? I think I preferred the earlier version
    of this... lol. This cut doesn't seem to have quite the
    same fire-in-the-belly, to me.

    Perhaps you could post the link to the first version so we
    can do a side-by-side comparison?

    My best,


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    Re: The world has let its children down- remix

    MY final crack at this mix. Any thoughts welcome.

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