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Topic: OT: Needed - Public domain or royalty-free latin

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    OT: Needed - Public domain or royalty-free latin

    Hey folks! I've got a good friend who is a semi-pro video producer. He's just shot some footage in Ecuador and wants to put good latin tracks behind the edited video.

    Soooooo does anybody have a good source for public-domain or royalty-free latin music?

    OR (better yet)

    Is there anybody out there who would like to score some latin music for a cool short video? [I'd do this myself, but I've just recently acquired my latin-style samples, and it will take me some time to wrap my head around using them effectively in a 'latin style'.]

    You can email me: http://www.i5pmusic.com/contactus.html

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    Re: OT: Needed - Public domain or royalty-free latin

    freeplaymusic.com is pretty good for most any royalty-free music...
    Best of luck,
    David Guinness

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    Re: OT: Needed - Public domain or royalty-free latin

    Yes I saw that too ... it even generates a title for you if you want!
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    Re: OT: Needed - Public domain or royalty-free latin

    Quote Originally Posted by Prince of Music
    You know whats so scary?!.. I just discovered the newest version of BIOB (I use it to make practice jazz playalongs) has a feature called "soundtrack" where you pick a style and tell it how long you want it.. it makes up the rest.....

    OH GOD...

    I had an older version of BIAB and was really surprised of its power.
    Watch out with those self-composing features. I noticed that most melodies come out the same (or with slightly different settings). Maybe not now with the newer version, but you are warned.


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