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Topic: OT - Website redesign...

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    OT - Website redesign...

    If you've got a moment, I was just wondering if you could tell me what you thought of my new web design, or if there are any glaring problems in certain browsers or screen resolutions: http://www.wizardwalk.com/home/index.php

    It's similar to my old one, but my old one became outdated and had a lot of graphics problems with the new IE and Firefox.

    I switched from using an out-of-date Mambo content management system to Dragonfly.

    Many thanks!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: OT - Website redesign...


    Nice website design. Well laid out and clear. Good job.

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    Re: OT - Website redesign...

    Things seem to work with Firefox browser. MP3's download OK.

    But the type size is awfully small on a 1440 x somethingorother screen. Not quite unreadable, but difficult enough that people might not want to stay very long squinting.


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    Re: OT - Website redesign...

    Looks very well organized to me. As Larry pointed out, the default fonts size might be too small for some people (I enlarged them a bit in FireFox to be really comfortable)

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    Re: OT - Website redesign...

    It looks great to me Sean. I'm using a 22" widescreen monitor so I can't speak on the issue of font size. I could read everything very well.
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    Re: OT - Website redesign...

    I second the comment that the font size is too small.
    I'd use this forum as an example of perfect font sizes.

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    Re: OT - Website redesign...

    Yes it's tiny. I took a look around. Those robot podcasts are hilarious! The humor of the absurd. How did you make them? It would be nice, as well as having the titles of the various sections down the left hand side, to also have somewhere the titles with a one-line description of what the visitor can expect to find at each one.
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    Re: OT - Website redesign...


    Looks good! yes, the font is a little small, but readable. My only quibble is that the left column, where one would find music, is a little "matter of fact". I guess because I know you primarily for musical activities, I would assume that music would be more prominently displayed; your reasons for having such a site are, perhaps, larger than that. Otherwise, good to go.
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    Re: OT - Website redesign...

    I think it looks great. Easy to follow with a very nice header. It appears very nicely in my browser. I use a laptop with a resolution of 1680 by 1050 pixels so the site appears very clear and clean. I like the side bars.
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    Thumbs up Re: OT - Website redesign...

    Hey, that's really cool Sean. Nice web site!

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