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Topic: Import VOB DVD file in Cubase

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    Import VOB DVD file in Cubase

    Hi -

    I've got a query about, as the title says, getting a VOB DVD video file into Cubase. I dont seem to be able to convert it to usual formats - quicktime .mov or AIFF, using my usual converter programs.

    Does anyone know of any shareware or such out there that could do this? Must be a common thing, Ive done it once before about 18 months ago, but I cant remember how I did it.

    Appeciate any help!

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    Re: Import VOB DVD file in Cubase

    I found this link on Google. Don't know if it's any good but there is a trial version.

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    Re: Import VOB DVD file in Cubase

    Seems like this may do the job - although the trial limitation only lets you convert 1/3 of the VOB file. Thanks for the suggestion though - I may just have to buy something like this.

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    Smile Re: Import VOB DVD file in Cubase

    I do find a application called "handbrake" very useful - I need to decode the whole DVD into a quicktime film, then I extract the audiofile.
    Works for me. ( decoding takes some time. )
    This is the link : http://handbrake.m0k.org/
    Hope this might help.
    If there is a quicker way i´d be very interested too!

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    Re: Import VOB DVD file in Cubase

    Check this one out:


    I use Vegas Video to import DVDs, but ImToo products work really well and they're really cheap.

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    Re: Import VOB DVD file in Cubase

    if you are on the mac you can use drop2dv to convert vobs to dv stream.
    its a freeware frontend that runs a simple routine in the terminal.

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    Re: Import VOB DVD file in Cubase

    If you are using Windows, you could download DVD Shrink to get the VOB files. If you just need to convert video files, then use Super to convert them in about everything you want. Both, DVD Shrink and Super are freeware.

    I hope this helps.


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    Re: Import VOB DVD file in Cubase

    VOB are mp2 compression. Try renaming it to the extension ".mpg". Some programs are slaves to extensions.

    If that doesn't work try using Super as mentioned above. Super handles VOB directly without the need of DVD Shrink.

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    Re: Import VOB DVD file in Cubase

    MPEG Streamclip does much more than just converting VOBs.

    Its free, easy, fast, for Mac & PC.

    Chris Hein
    Chris Hein - Horns / Chris Hein - Guitars / Chris Hein - Bass

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    Re: Import VOB DVD file in Cubase

    Wow- thanks very much everyone for your replies. I'm on Windows and I'll check these out, as well as try renaming the extensions.

    Much appreciated!

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