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Topic: A Christmas Medley for String Quartet

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    A Christmas Medley for String Quartet

    And now for more "Christmas in July"! Better post this before someone else responds to Hodie and bumpis it back on the first page!!! :-)

    This is a medley of some of my favorite Christmas carols arranged for string quartet:

    - When blossoms flowered amid the snows (can't remember the title!)
    - The Holly and the Ivy
    - Silent Night
    - We Three Kings of Orient Are
    - Hallelujah Chorus
    - Bring a Torch, Jeannette, Isabella
    - Hark the Herald Angels Sing
    - Carol of the Bells

    This is the kind of thing I do when I am not up to wrestling with an orchestral piece. This might be appropriate for the Garritan Christmas album (?) but I don't know where to put it. Help?

    This song is dedicated to my Mom.

    The following link should open a player automatically:


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    Re: A Christmas Medley for String Quartet

    Ah this is so lovely, Karen. Excellent work with these carols. Thanks for more Christmas in July!

    I went a-searching in the General Discussion Forum for the Christmas CD thread so I could post the link for you, but then I saw you already found that thread and have replied on it. DPDAN is in charge of collecting the entries, as you now have seen for yourself, and you're correct that entries are asked to be no longer than 3 minutes.

    There's a long list of carols being submitted, and obviously a lot of thinning out will have to be done since the end project is a single CD.

    I would suggest you do some editing on this, and get it down to size. I didn't look carefully at the list, but you would also want to make sure that the carols you've selected haven't already been chosen by others sending in their pieces for consideration.

    Thanks again for this very pretty medley.

    Randy B.

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    Re: A Christmas Medley for String Quartet

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun making these arrangements. It sounds very nice. I am sure a string quartet would love the play this medley.

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    Re: A Christmas Medley for String Quartet

    Nice job on this medley-arrangement, Karen; with just
    enough subtle harmonic surprises to keep me interested.
    Good handling of flow in it -- maintaining forward motion;
    yet knowing when to cadence and pause to avoid tiring
    the ear. Able writing for the quartet, too.

    Perhaps the one area upon which I might suggest some
    further reflection is the introduction of more contrast
    via changing texturals and tempi. Advantaging varying
    voicing, shifting tempo, introducing pizzicato, changing
    bow techniques and so on... they all aid in relieving or
    distracting from the uniformity of the sound -- one of the
    key problems in longer pieces for the quartet.

    My best,


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