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Topic: Sharing Presets

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    Sharing Presets

    Hello to all
    I’m glad to inform you about the new “sharing-presets” possibility on my homepage.

    Maybe you have a punchy drum-preset for the Logic Multicompressor, a nice reverb-preset for Altiverb or a fantastic sound-preset for a Cubase Synthesizer...
    Let us share our best presets (for free) at www.beat-kaufmann.com

    All the best and
    …see you soon on my homepage
    You are welcome

    Beat Kaufmann

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    Re: Sharing Presets

    What an excellent idea! You are a most generous guy! I found your tutorials immensely useful.

    Of course you will now get 100 replies about "presets should not be used because they can not be applied to every piece of music without tweaking" but I think that given a proper disclaimer these would be useful as starting points.
    Greetings from Vienna!
    My website: Above the staff.net

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    Re: Sharing Presets

    Great ideal Beat! Beautiful website too, that I'm sure will come in handy for a guy like me.

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    Re: Sharing Presets

    Geronimo001 and Musicpete, thanks for supporting the idea.
    By the way: I have expanded the sorts of presets from
    • VST Effects
    • VST Instruments
    • Hosts
    • Others .... to

    • VST/AU Effects
    • VST/AU Instruments
    • Hosts
    • Others
    This is more useful for MAC-Users I think.

    All the best
    Beat Kaufmann

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    Thumbs up Re: Sharing Presets

    Hello Beat Kaufmann,

    I have been to your page before and was quite impressed. Found it from the link on Hetoryn's page, also an exceptional musician. This is a great idea, thank you. Currently I'm learning Finale/GPO/JABB but i have Logic Express, which i plan to later start spending more time learning getting to know, and maybe even getting the full Logic. Hopefully will get Altiverb also. I look forward to visiting your page more, and hopefully can someday contribute.

    Best Regards,

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    Re: Sharing Presets

    Questions around "Presets" to all MAC users

    Are you able to load Windows VST Presets into your VST Effects? They have the endings *.fxp in Windows.

    Do you use Altiverb as a VST-Effect?

    If yes: Can someone download an Altiverb-Preset from my homepage and try to load it? You will find it at PC/VST Effects...

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