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Topic: GVI emitting strange midi signal

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    GVI emitting strange midi signal

    When I have GVI open in Cubase SX simultaneously with Virtual Guitarist, I notice that GVI is emitting a midi signal the VG is picking up and it's causing some sort of midi reset on VG. When I turn off GVI, VG performs normally but when GVI is on, VG behaves very strangely...abruptly starting and stopping it's guitar loops. How can I make GVI stop sending out this erroneaous data when it's just sitting there (sequence is not playing)?


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    Re: GVI emitting strange midi signal

    Pete, I just hate to see a thread with no answer for a long time, so , I may not be able to help, but willing to give one idea.
    I run Sonar 6, and have no idea about Cubase you use. However, in Sonar, it is easy to have some remains of some earlier project lurking (control events set not visible) and sending out crazy things. You must know more about Cubase, so investigate this, probably simply quitting your usual template or startin page, and start a NEW project. If you still have the problem talk to the supplier of Cubase The signal path is MIDI device (cubase or VG)-GVI-Soundcard, NOT GVI - MIDI device. GVI is not emitting MIDI at all.
    You could also try a new instance of GVI, no instrument loaded, and see if the problem is still there when you play VG.


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